Anxious Child Total Clarity Coaching Package

This 90-minute Package is all about gaining clarity around the specific issues you and your child are being challenged with right now and then discovering a specific plan to move forward.

 You will then be given practical tools, techniques and strategies to take away and implement for immediate results.



This Program is for you if:

* Your frustrated and upset watching your child suffering from the symptoms of anxiety and you just don’t know what else to do to help them?


* You listen to your child telling themselves “I am stupid!”, “I can’t do it”, “Everyone else is better than me”, they may have emotional outbursts over seemingly trivial things, they worry about future events that may not even eventuate………and the list goes on…


* You hope it is just a phase……but deep down you know it is just getting worse.


* You have read Parenting Books and even done a few Parenting Courses and received some Aha moments BUT………it just doesn’t last!!

“Through working with Pauline we have helped Josh to build his sense of self up again. He no longer tells us he cannot do things! He no longer tells us he is bad at sport, reading or maths! He is doing so much better at school and we are having great reports from his teacher. He would rarely give me affection before. Now he spontaneously gives me cuddles and kisses every day. He does more to help around the house and is more appreciative of things being done for him.”

Karen Coulstock

Mother and Business Owner Sydney, Australia

The Total Clarity Coaching Package Includes:

Pre Program Questionnaire

This Questionnaire will guide you through questions to help bring clarity around your issues and intentions on what you want to experience in our coaching.  You will send this to me prior to our first session .

I am then able to prepare for our first session so you will receive the most value from our time together.

1 X 90 Minute coaching session

This is the core of our work together. We will discover what specific issues your child is struggling with then I will give you specific tools and techniques for you to walk away with and implement immediately.

Worksheets and Education Sheets

These worksheets are both educational and action orientated to help you to start implementing the various tools and techniques that will resolve your current challenge

Follow-Up Support

Follow-Up 1 x 15-minute call

1 week after completion of the program to review and reflect on your journey.

Deeper Immersion

If you choose to do my deeper Immersion course “The Confident Connected Child Package” then you will also receive 20% off this Package.


“Before working with Pauline, I was really struggling with how to balance my own emotions and be present for my son. I was always feeling so exhausted, frustrated and becoming increasingly impatient resulting in a lot of shouting in our house.

With the tools and techniques Pauline gives, I have really seen my son’s confidence grow. . My son is going from strength to strength and is a much happier child.

Pauline introduced me to simple techniques that allowed me to discover and learn what was going on in my son’s world. I would definitely recommend Pauline’s Program.”


Mother and Business Owner, Sydney Australia

Ready To Begin?

Investment $150

If you have any questions you would like to ask prior to booking your session, feel free to contact me, or book in a free 30min Discovery session (via phone/skype) to discuss these packages and how I can best help you!