Total Clarity Coaching Package

This 2 Hour Package is all about gaining clarity around the specific issue you are being challenged with right now and then discovering what it is you desire – the specific outcome you wish for.

 You will then be given practical tools, techniques and strategies to take away and implement straight away for immediate results.


This coaching program is designed to guide you deep within so you can

gain the clarity needed to move beyond frustration and into fulfilment.


This Program is for you if:

  • You have a specific issue or challenge that you or your child is experiencing.
  • You want to find clarity around this issue and why it is reoccurring for you and/or your child
  • You want a step by step plan and strategy to solve this issue.
  • You are looking for a practical approach to manage day to day parenting challenges.


“Pauline’s strategies, support and guidance have helped me clear the power struggles and angry outbursts between my daughter and I.  We now have a beautiful, respectful relationship. I am able to see situations that once triggered me from a totally new perspective. Thank-you so much Pauline!”


Mother and Business Owner Sydney, Australia

The Total Clarity Coaching Package Includes:

Pre Program Workbook

This workbook will guide you through questions and activities to help bring clarity around your issues and intentions on what you want to experience in our coaching.  You will send this to me prior to our first session .

This is really where the transformation begins as I am able to intuitively access what is happening at a deeper level for you and prepare for our first session so you will receive the most value from our time together.

1 X 90 Minute coaching session

This is  the core of our work together. Via Skype

1st Hour

This first hour involves deep questioning and exploration of the issue at hand. For all my clients I have found that massive shifts and realisations occur in just this first session. The next Session we do the change work.

2nd Hour

In this time I introduce to you the tailor made breakthrough process based on your specific issue and what you are looking to achieve. We are able to work through the blocks and then give specific Tools, Techniques and Rituals for you to walk away with and implement immediately.

Worksheets and Education Sheets

These worksheet are both educational and action orientated to help you to start implementing the various tools and techniques that will resolve your current challenge


Specific Ritual for your particular challenge
This Rituals will be integrated into your daily practice to assist with the specific issue you are dealing with.


Access to my FREE Ebook “7 Secrets to raising empowered passionate children who own their self-worth”

(If you have not already downloaded it)

Follow-Up Support

Follow-Up 1 x 30 minute call

1 week after completion of the program to review and reflect on your journey.

Deeper Immersion

If you choose to do my deeper Immersion course “Empowered Parent, Confident Child” then 50% cost of this Program will be reduced from the price.


“Before working with Pauline, I was really struggling with how to balance my own emotions and be present for my son. I was always feeling so exhausted, frustrated and becoming increasingly impatient resulting in a lot of shouting in our house.

With the tools and techniques Pauline gives, I have really seen my son’s confidence grow. . My son is going from strength to strength and is a much happier child.

Pauline introduced me to simple techniques that allowed me to discover and learn what was going on in my son’s world. I would definitely recommend Pauline’s Program.”


Mother and Business Owner, Sydney Australia

Ready To Begin?

Investment $197

If you have any questions you would like to ask prior to booking your session, feel free to contact me, or book in a free 30min Discovery session (via phone/skype) to discuss these packages and how I can best help you!