Imagine transforming your child’s world from anxiety and overwhelm to calm and confident.

We live in a World where our children are taught to look outside themselves for evidence of success, gratification and for answers to their problems.

This has taken away from your child their own ability to identify and understand what is their own truth – what is right for them. They have lost how to feel, know and trust in their own inner wisdom. They are being stripped of their own self-worth.

Your Child’s Nervous System is extremely sensitive to energy, so, if they learned different ways to process this energy in their bodies – they would not only reduce their anxiety but feel more energised, motivated and full of vitality. The Symptoms associated with anxiety are the way your child’s body communicates they are out of energetic alignment and have lost the connection with what is important to them.

So, doesn’t it make sense your child learns techniques that will bring their body and Nervous System back into Energetic Alignment?

Is This True For Your Teenager

  • Feeling emotional, moody and ‘highly strung’ and unsure how to express her emotions.
  • Not achieving her best at school and is feeling overwhelmed and stressed with school and life in general.
  • She feels anxious and fearful of making mistakes because she has such high standards of herself which magnifies her anxiety.
  • Takes what others say and do personally.
  • Constantly focused on what could go wrong and worrying about future outcomes.
  • Is a deep thinker and often suffers from negative self-talk- “I’m so stupid” “I knew I couldn’t do it”, “I never get it right”…..
  • Scared of making a decision because she doesn’t trust herself to get it right.
  • Often says ‘Yes ’to people when she would rather say ‘No ’and then regrets it and worries.
  • Compares herself to what others are doing and tries to measure up.
  • Always needing to know what the ‘Plan” is and needs to feel in control of the situation causing disharmony within the Family.
  • Nervous at starting new things and will often give up quickly.

Maybe your child would benefit from learning techniques and strategies that will assist them deal with challenges and setbacks in an empowered way.

Your teenager may wish to be supported academically or in the sporting arena.

I understand it is heartbreaking to watch your daughter suffering from anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm and not know what to do to support her. You feel like you are letting her down and feel helpless to control what is happening.

You want to raise your child’s self-esteem and Confidence but nothing you do seems to work.

When your child is facing these issues and is really struggling to cope, it doesn’t just affect them, it affects the whole family.

“Now my life is so much happier and I am a more positive person. I am more grateful and I see and approach challenges from a new perspective – I can reflect upon myself and my emotions and work out what my body is communicating to me. Pauline was very intuitive and knowledgeable and knew what I needed before I even knew – the techniques she uses are extremely effective and you can see and feel the results instantly.”

Amanda Tomlinson 14 year old student

This is where I can help you and your teenager.
My Private Coaching Programs delve into the deeper causes of why your child is suffering from the symptoms of anxiety and low Self Esteem.

I then give your teenager proven techniques and strategies that provide true healing from anxiety and overwhelm rather than just coping with the symptoms plus, your teenager will feel confident self-assured and truly own their self- worth.

With this new positive outlook on life, your daughter will become motivated to pursue her passions full of joy and happiness.

This Program is also suitable for teenagers who want to excel academically or in the sporting arena.

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In This Program, Your Teenager Will Learn:

* Simple techniques that reduced anxiety and stress in their day to day life.

* Tools and techniques that assist with learning, focus and concentration in the classroom.

* How to uncover and clear the limiting beliefs that are causing your child to repeat these patterns of anxiety and feeling unworthy.

* How to create new empowering beliefs that move your child forward powerfully towards their goals and what is true for them.

* Powerful techniques that reduce built up tension in the nervous system during moments of heightened stress, that create peace and calm for your child within seconds.

* How to access their own intuition so they make decisions that are true for them and not seek external answers or approval.

* Techniques that make them feel strong, motivated and happy before they even walked out the front door.

Plus many techniques and strategies for teenagers who are specifically wanting support  academically or in the sporting arena.

Isla is demonstrating more confidence with her school work, and with her own personal abilities in class and her reading has improved. She is less reactive to her teacher’s expectations and can actually take herself away from a stressful situation and calm herself and re-regulate. It’s marvellous for everyone!


Jen Penman Mother and Business Owner Sydney Australia

I’m Pauline Pollard.

I’m a Self Esteem and Mindset Coach.

Originally trained as a Registered Nurse, Accredited Diabetes Educator and Health Promotion Officer I am also a certified Child Self-Esteem Coach and have also studied Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Reiki and the Chakras as well as practicing Yoga and meditation for over 20 years. I have been interviewed in Podcasts and Digital Magazines and an expert speakers on The Mindfulness World Summit and Parenting Teens Event.

I am also a Mum to a teenage son and daughter.

If your teenager wants to feel more in control and empowered to deal with stress, anxiety and challenges and become calm, confident and self assured, then the Confident Connected Child is the Program for you.

There are several Private Coaching Packages to choose from and they all Include:

Pre Program Questionnaire

This Online Questionnaire will guide you through questions to help bring clarity around the issues you and your child are experiencing.

You will send this to me prior to our first session and it will form the basis of our work together.

Initial 60 Min Consultation Session

In this session we review the questionnaire and map out key focus areas for our time spent together and a specific strategy of how this will unfold for your child.

Further 60-minute coaching sessions

These sessions form the core of our work together via Zoom (free online app). We will decided together what particular session package is suitable for your child’s needs.

Review Session 30 minutes

This session will be held a fortnight after our 6 sessions are completed to see how your teenager is progressing with all the new techniques and strategies.

PLUS Support Materials:

Guidebooks, Education Booklets, Videos, Audios

All this information allows you and your child to have a library of information you can go back to and review any time.

Email Support

You will have email support from me where you can ask questions and receive the support you need between sessions.


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