School Seminars


Pauline Pollard

I work with students, parents and teachers to better manage stress, overwhelm and difficult emotions at school and at home.

The Seminars are offer are exciting, unique and engaging. You and your students will walk away with new concepts, new ideas and actionable steps to create real transformation in your life.

Seminars Topic For Teachers And Parents

How To Become Mindful And Present With Your Children/Students While Building Resilience And Confidence.

In this Seminar you will learn about the importance of checking in with what is going on for you as a parent/teacher first and foremost and to understand the importance of YOU feeling uplifted and fulfilled to then serve your family/students from a space of love rather than fear and stress.

I will then introduce you to strategies and techniques that do two things:

1. That create a beautiful connection and relationship with your child/students

2. Builds resilience, confidence and self-worth in your child/students

Guidebook is included in this Seminar

Seminars Topic For Students

Love What You Do At School, Sport And Life.'

Workshop for students Year 6 - Year 12

In this Seminar your students will learn that they always have choices available to them and by becoming responsible for these choices and taking ownership of them they are in control of creating a future that is fulfilling and inspiring rather than being a victim of circumstances.

Your students will learn how setbacks and challenges create flexibility and creativity in children.

They will discover the benefits of stepping out of their comfort zone if they want to create a life that they love and enjoy.

Your students will also be introduced to a powerful visualisation where they are able to step into their future self (who has already achieved their desires) and immerse themselves in the positive energy that they have already achieved their desire. Your students will believe in themselves knowing that anything is possible.

This seminar is powerful if you believe that children don't need to settle for mediocre and instead by connecting with their talents and gifts and what lights them up they can and will achieve great things.

What People Are Saying......


 As soon as I met Pauline I knew I needed to work with her. She has such a special warmth about her that you know you are undoubtedly in expert hands.

My child's sense of self-worth is booming and he is performing so well at school now and has learnt so many techniques to help deal with his anxiety and emotions.

Pauline guided us step-by-step through many Spiritual, Energetic and Practical Strategies.

I would recommend Pauline to anyone who is dealing with anxiety, self-esteem issues and problems at school.

Pauline, thank you so much you are truly an inspiration."


Karen Coulstock

Mother 2 children


The techniques we learnt from Pauline have not only increased our energy levels but empowered us to be motivated to try new things in a deliberate and focused way.

My daughter is intuitive and loved all the energy work. She is now thriving at School and in her relationships with friends.


I loved Pauline's approach in showing us how to go within to listen to the ways our bodies communicate to us.

She knows her material so well and speaks with ease- it flows from her heart so you can't help but receive her message.

I would recommend this Program to ALL families.

I truly enjoyed the time spent with you Pauline, you are a true beacon of light to all children and Parents. I feel confident my daughter is well equipped to go on her own journey.


Heba El-Hakim



Before the Program my girls were emotional. frustrated and feeling overwhelmed. I am so happy to say everything has changed.

My eldest daughter found School challenging and now she has so many tools and techniques at her fingertips to empower herself and feel motivated about School.

It was great to learn about different Energy Techniques and how they can activate our nervous system to calm, centred and balance us.

Pauline really empowered my daughters to believe in themselves and help them to see and acknowledge their  self-worth. This was a priceless gift.

I would definitely recommend Pauline, I am so grateful for our time together.

You have definitely left a positive imprint in our lives and in our hearts.

Thank you Pauline!"


Vicki Drake

Mother 3 children