Peaceful Mind Intuitive Heart

Imagine transforming your child’s world

from anxiety and overwhelm to

calm and confident.

If this is your wish, then you are in the right place!

                         Does This Sound True For You?Your Child Is……

  • Overly emotional and most of the time can’t understand why they are feeling this way.

  • Always needing to know what the ‘Plan’ is and needs to feel in control of the situation causing disharmony within the family.

  • Constantly focused on what could go wrong and worrying about future outcomes.

  • Often suffering from negative self talk – “I’m so stupid”, “I knew I couldn’t do it”, “I never get it right”……...

  • Scared of making a decision because they don’t trust themselves to get it right

  • Constantly seeking assurance from others.

  • Comparing themselves to others – and constantly watch what others are doing and try to measure up to them

  • Anxious and fearful of making mistakes because they have such high standards of themselves which magnifies their anxiety.

I totally understand it is incredibly heart breaking for you to watch your child suffering from anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm and not know what to do to support them.

When your child is facing these issues and really struggling to cope, it doesn’t just affect them, it affects your entire family.

If this sounds like you then ‘Peaceful Mind Intuitive Heart’ could be the answer you are looking for – to finally have for all the support, tools and techniques to assist you in feeling confident in your parenting and transform your child’s world from self- doubt and anxiety to feeling confident, self-assured and trusting in their own capabilities.

I know when you teach your child to tap into their inner guidance system, life flows beautifully​​​​​

          Why I created This Course…

After going through my own dark and challenging time in my life, I was hit hard by my then 7-year-old son being bullied for over 6 months both verbally and physically. My biggest concern was the damaging effects to my son because of this psychological torment.

 Motivated to heal myself and my son, I spent many years on a personal investigative journey to discover many tools and techniques, including energy medicine, that could transform my pain and the pain of my son.

These specific tools and techniques are now part of our daily rituals and routines.

Now I am in a different place – I parent with confidence knowing how to guide my children to their own answers and using everyday situations as learning experiences.

Both my children are thriving feeling self-assured, confident, happy and are wise beyond their years.

I want this for you too!

When you follow the invitation to delve deeper – prompted by whatever is presenting in your child’s behaviour or experience, you will never regret it.

So the good news for you is…

I am sharing these techniques and rituals that have transformed my child’s life with you.

I have created the course I wish was available for my son and I during that time.

I have taken everything I have learned over the past 20 plus years drawing from my experiences as a Nurse, Diabetes Educator and Child Self-Esteem Coach plus studies in Reiki, Yoga and the Chakras.

And From these studies and my own experiences, I have been able to distill the information down into a course that is straightforward, grounded and a practical guide for you and your child.

My own highly intuitive children have also helped guide me with the creation of this Program.

This course removes the confusion, fear and overwhelm that your child is experiencing now and replaces it with clarity, confidence, self-assurance and simple Rituals that they love and embrace as part of their daily lives.

  • See What Others Are Saying………​​​​
  • “As soon as I met Pauline I knew I needed to work with her. She has such a special warmth about her that you know you are undoubtedly in expert and caring hands.
  • Through working with Pauline we have helped Josh to build his sense of self-worth up again. He no longer tells us he cannot do things! He no longer tells us he is bad at sport, reading or maths! He is doing so much better at school and we are having great reports from his teacher. He would rarely give me affection before. Now he spontaneously gives me cuddles and kisses every day.
  • Pauline guided me and supported me step by step through many spiritual and practical strategies to use with my children that inspired me to approach my parenting in a very different way.
  • My boys and I are connected to each other now on a level that before did not exist. I feel empowered now to tackle any difficult situations that arise with a different attitude, coming from a place of love rather than frustration and anger. My children have learnt techniques to help them deal with big emotions and to build their self-confidence and self-love.
  • I would recommend Pauline to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their family, from building stronger more loving and respectful Parent-Child relationships, to dealing with self-esteem issues, anxiety issues and problems at school.
  • Pauline, thank you so much for all of your guidance, you truly are an inspiration for me and we will continue on this path to being the best family unit we can be!”


      Karen Coulstock

      Mother of 2 Children

      Sydney Australia

We live in a world where our children are taught to look outside themselves for evidence of success, gratification and for answers to their problems.

This has taken away from our children their own ability to identify and understand what is their own truth – what is right for them and to feel, know and trust in their inner wisdom. They are being stripped of their own self-worth.

They don’t need to be anything other than who they are right now….

These constant demands and expectations that are placed on your child are contributing to their anxious state.

See What Others Are Saying…..

“Before I met Pauline, I had lost sight of who I was and what was true for me. I was always frustrated, overwhelmed and would have regular emotional outbursts.

I can remember the feelings of frustration and feeling stuck and not being able to come up with ways to solve my problems and feeling so miserable that there was nothing I could do about it – no matter what I tried nothing seemed to get better. My life was complex.

Now my life is so much happier and I am a more positive person. I am more grateful and I see and approach challenges from a new perspective – I can reflect upon myself and my emotions and work out what my body is communicating to me.

Pauline was very intuitive and knowledgeable and knew what I needed before I even knew – the techniques she uses are extremely effective and you can see and feel the results instantly.

I Loved the EFT (tapping) and would recommend it to everyone – It helped clear the negative patterns that were blocking me from seeing an issue clearly. This ability to think clearly has positively impacted my decisions and therefore changed my experiences and how I perceive the world.

I LOVED The meditations I found them really useful when I became frustrated or need to clear my mind chatter- they instantly made me feel calm and relaxed.

I am in tune with my inner wisdom- what I need and what is best for me.

I can centre my energy and know techniques to not pick up other people’s low energy and how to cleanse my own nervous system.

My clarity has improved. I can listen to my friends and family wholeheartedly, with my undivided attention and from a different perspective than before.

 I really loved the techniques that Centred and grounded my energy because as a person who can easily pick up someone else’s energy, I am likely to forget that it doesn’t belong to me – I was also able to cleanse my energy easily.

Techniques during exam time were great to calm me and help me to focus. So many techniques I can use anywhere and anytime!

I would recommend Pauline’s Program, Absolutely!

She is delightful to work with and I am yet to meet a more knowledgeable, intelligent and caring professional. The help she gave me was immeasurable and I cannot thank her enough.

I utilise her guidance and wisdom every day and basically her program has changed the way I approach life. I am ever so grateful for my mum stumbling upon her.”

Amanda Tomlinson

14 year old Student

Sydney Australia

“The Peaceful Mind Intuitive Heart Program” 

is where I will show you what an incredible gift your child is.

I am going to take you on a journey where you get to step into your child’s world and for the first time really know how incredibly fortunate you are to be gifted with your child.

Important Truth – your child is magnificent – they were born with an inner wisdom and truth that defies words and that wisdom provides them with every solution to every problem they encounter in their lives.

Your child’s nervous system is extremely sensitive to energy, so if you learnt different ways for your child to process this energy in their bodies – you would not only reduce their anxiety, but create so much more harmony within the home and establish a beautiful connection with your child.

‘Peaceful Mind Intuitive Heart’

Is the unique program that will radically transform your child’s life.

You will learn new concepts and simple techniques you can integrate into your daily life right now to reduce anxiety and have your child feeling confident. self-assured and passionate about their lives – while contributing to your family’s overall peace and harmony

See What Others Are Saying……

Before the Program my children and I were just clashing all the time. My girls weren’t listening and I was reacting angrily and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with the whole situation.

I am so happy to say everything has changed now. My mornings are calmer with a regular morning Ritual . Our communication is great where my girls now listen to my requests and I am able to respond calmly to situations rather than the previous yelling and taking things personally.

My eldest daughter found School boring but now I have so many tools at my fingertips to empower Katy to see a new perspective and feel motivated about School. I am less reactive with Bobbie during her meltdowns which means I can step back and support her which has created a closer bond with her. My girls are benefiting by me being more present and focused when I am with them.

It was great to learn about different Energy Techniques and how they can activate our Nervous System to calm, centre and balance us.

Pauline really empowered me to believe in myself and helped me to see and acknowledge the good I was already doing instead of focusing on what I needed to do better.. This was a priceless gift she gave me

I would definitely recommend Pauline – I am so grateful for our time together. You really empowered me to feel confident about my parenting and to know how best to support my children when they are going through challenges.

You have definitely left a positive imprint in our lives and in my heart.

Thank-you Pauline!

  1. Vicky Drake
  2. Mother of 2 children
  3. Durham United Kingdom

                              During The Course You Will Learn

  • Simple techniques that reduce anxiety and stress in your day to day life.

  • Know how to assist your child to remain grounded in the present moment when they are emotionally triggered

  • Tools and techniques that assist with learning, focus and concentration in the classroom.

  • Simple techniques to assist your child in moments of heightened anxiety that create peace and calm within minutes.

  • Techniques that reduce built up tension in the nervous system and calm your child within seconds.

  • Help your child to De-Stress from overwhelm and overcome their fears

  • Uncover and clear the limiting beliefs that are causing your child to repeat these patterns of anxiety

  • Create new and more empowering beliefs that move your child forward powerfully towards their goals and what is true for them

  • Learn how to help your child access their own intuition so they make decisions that are true for them and not seek external answers or approval.

  • And so much more……………


Video Class

These videos will guide you through the work and the concepts for each module so you know exactly step by step the objective of each module and the action steps you need to complete for that particular module.

Worksheets and Education Booklets

These worksheets are both educational and action orientated to help you to start implementing the various tools and techniques that will guide you towards your desired life.

8 (Eight) Live Q&A Sessions

In these weekly hour long calls I will dive deeper into the content for that week and I will answer specific questions around the work.

In Weeks 7 & 8, the Live Calls will focus on creating Rituals and an overview of the entire course and content.

Can’t make the call?

That is fine. Just email me any questions and a recording will be loaded into the member’s area.

Education Audios (MP3)

So you can listen and learn while you are going for a walk, taking the children to sports or having a cuppa.

Bonus Techniques Section

Techniques section with short concise videos and Audios that demonstrate each technique plus Guide books for more detailed information.

Techniques Guide Booklets

These guide booklets go deeper as to why and how each technique is so beneficial in transforming your child’s energy plus a step by step guide for exactly how to implement what you have learnt.

Bonus Series OF 5 Guided Meditations

These powerful meditations are accompanied with Guide Books to go deeper.

Bonus Rituals

These Rituals can be used on a daily basis or during times when you or your child may be experiencing specific issues. Ie Starting a new school, Exam Time, Speeches, New challenges…….

Bonus Facebook Livestreams

I will be hopping into the facebook community/forum to do regular FB Livestreams to take you through specific activities, expand on themes for the week or answer questions and generally connect with you.

Everything is designed so that you can access your lessons from anywhere in the World on any device with only an internet connection.

Here’s What We Will Cover In Each Module​​​​

Module 1 – Anxiety

Before you can try and resolve the issue of your child’s anxiety, it is so important for you to understand why your child has an increased susceptibility to anxiety and the effect of anxiety on your child’s body specifically their Nervous System.

This gives you a good solid foundation in understanding how and why all the energy techniques work so well for your child.

You will be introduced to the Essential 4 (four) Key Elements that support your child suffering with Anxiety.

Module 2 – Declutter The Mind Chatter

 First we need to declutter your child’s mind chatter! Uncovering and clearing the limiting beliefs that are causing the repeating patterns of anxiety and creating new, more empowering beliefs that support your child moving forward. This is how you ‘raise your child’s energy’

Use simple and fun techniques to release these old beliefs once and for all and open the space for new empowering beliefs to be installed- Increasing your child’s vibration and also their self- esteem and confidence. The techniques in this module are aimed at raising your child’s energy before they walk out the door.

Module 3 – Energy Of Emotions

This is a very powerful module where we delve deeper into a greater understanding of

 what emotions are and how to deal effectively with your child’s emotional outbursts.

You will have the tools and techniques, plus a step by step ritual to help your child manage their anger and anxiety in quick effective ways.

Plus learn an easy technique that releases emotions in less than 90 seconds without the drama!

We will go deep with what triggers emotional outbursts and a 3 step process that will

reduce these episodes and create an incredible relationship with your child.

You will be introduced to techniques that tap into your child’s creativity and guide them within to understand how their body is communicating to them.

You will also have a greater understanding of how you may be contributing to these outbursts and what to do about it.

Module 4 – Overwhelm, Challenges and Mindset

You will identify the habitual ways of thinking that are blocking your child’s full potential and keeping them stuck in their mind chatter and anxious thoughts.

You will learn how the mindset of your child is contributing to their anxiety and how to switch this to an expansive mindset that will bring them opportunities, ease, flow happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

You will learn strategies that help your child to see beyond the challenge they are faced with and into the opportunities.

You will receive a step-by-step guide to setting intentions and achieving goals plus Techniques and visualisations to empower your child to create an inspiring future vision.

Module 5 – Power Of Intuition

You will learn techniques that ignite your child’s intuition and guide them to connect with their bodies for their answers within.

Learn the powerful link between imagination and creative visuals and your child’s ability to connect to their inner confidence and reduce anxiety.

Learn how to help your child discover their inner message so they can feel inspired to pursue their dreams and solve their own problems.

You will have a greater understanding of how to honour your child’s uniqueness and help guide them to their truth. This is when they can confidently express who they are without feeling any external pressure to be like everyone else.

Module 6 – Gratitude, Contribution and Forgiveness 

Learn about why Forgiveness is so empowering and helps to build self-worth

Experience the power of gratitude and why it is so important when it comes to releasing fear and anxiety and building confidence.

Learn techniques that ground your child in the present moment to practice mindfulness and align them to focus on the miracles in their life.

Learn how to help your child to embrace the concept of ‘serving humanity’ and ‘giving back’ as it allows the flow from within of compassion and empathy that benefits everyone.

Learn How teaching your child to give and help others actually helps to improve the quality of their lives and ways they can start to do this right now!

How Contribution is the wonderful side effect of a child who feels worthy, confident and grateful.


Bonus #1

Question and Answer Calls (Value $297)

Weekly Q&A calls to answer your questions about that week’s Module content.

Bonus #2

Bonus Techniques Section (Value $197)

All the Energy Techniques which are proven processes that clear and balance your child’s energy within minutes are located in this special section for easy access.

Each one with a short demonstration video plus gorgeous complimentary Guidebooks that delve into detail why these techniques are so powerful and yet simple to transform your child’s life. These are easy and fun to use and your children will love them. They engage their imagination, intuition and leave them feeling confident and empowered.

Bonus #3

Bonus Rituals Section (Value $97)

This is where you create simplicity in your life and your child’s by introducing Rituals into your daily life.

You will receive a Guidebook that will help you understand the Power of Rituals in creating powerful changes in your child’s;’ life.

I then gift to you several Powerful Rituals that can be used on a daily basis and during times when your child may be experiencing specific issues such as; during stressful situations, emotional outbursts, before exams or even great for kids to use before bed for a great night’s sleep.

Bonus #4

Guided Meditations (Value $97)

5 Guided Meditations that are an incredible course within themselves!

These five (5) meditations will create incredible change in your child’s life with each meditation building on the next one for a transformation healing experience.

They each have their own Beautiful Guidebook that complements the intention of each meditation.

Bonus #5

Private Facebook Forum (Value $ Priceless)

Private Facebook Group which is an awesome community of women who support each other, encourage and nurture – cheer and celebrate with you. And during challenging times, they are there for you to support you through when you are feeling vulnerable.

This community is one of the keys to growth and expansion. Support and interaction during the 8 weeks of the live course.

I understand the Peaceful Mind Intuitive Heart Course may sound quite different to any other course or book you have read. 

And in fact I am very happy this is the case.

If you have tried other courses and your child is still struggling, then things NEED TO CHANGE. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

See What Others Are Saying…….

“I am celebrating my journey and process so far – the amount of ‘Parenting Tools’ I have in my toolbox makes me feel giddy with excitement!

Before I saw Pauline I was really challenged by my daughter’s big emotions and I just wasn’t sure how to support her.

I used to feel like I needed to ‘know’ how to parent properly and make sure I gave my child what I may not have received. Truth be told – learning how to Empower your child has nothing to do with that and everything to do with Empowering me and increasing my energetic levels AND following through with consistent Rituals in a deliberate, intention focused way.

Rituals nourish us, feed us, inspire us, and my daughter thrives on them. My daughter is intuitive and loved all the energy work- she is often my teacher now!

We are a more relaxed family and my daughter is more open and expressive which has enhanced our communication together.

I loved Pauline’s approach in showing me how to assist my daughter to go within to listen to the ways her body communicates to her.

I will always cherish how Pauline came through for me when I was doubting myself. Her detailed and truthful responses were what I needed to hear. I felt understood and supported as Pauline really stepped into my world.

She knows her material so well and speaks with ease – it flows straight from her heart so you can’t help but receive the message.

I would recommend this Program to ALL parents not just those who have big issues with their child. These tools and techniques change the way we perceive the old parenting paradigm.

Thank you sincerely Pauline, it has been a wonderful journey and you have been the best mentor ever!I truly enjoyed the time spent with you Pauline, you are a true beacon of light to all parents and I feel confident my daughter is so well-equipped to go on her own journey.

Thank you so much for having been put in my path!”

    Heba El-Hakim

  1. ​​​​Mother and Business Owner, Melbourne Australia, Purest Essential Oils

So, if you are ready for true transformation then change is exactly what you and your child need.

I would love to welcome you into the

Peaceful Mind Intuitive Heart Program

Peaceful Mind Intuitive Heart8 Week Program

  • Commencing: March 30th 2018
  •                   6 Transformational Modules (Value $997)
  •              5 Amazing Bonuses (Valued over $680)
  • TOTAL VALUE: over $1,677
  • Cart Closing 8pm Thursday 20th March 2018


I stand by the Peaceful Mind Intuitive Heart Program with the absolute confidence that you and your child will love it. I am confident in the life changing and transformational effect this course will have on you and your family.

As long as you are prepared to commit 30 minutes a day to assist your child in reducing their anxiety then you will receive immense value from the Peaceful Mind Intuitive heart Program.

If, however, at any time during the first 30 days after purchase you don’t feel this Program is for you, then I will refund you your full investment.

See What Others Are Saying…..

“Having completed the Program there have been so many amazing changes in my life. Our family life is so much more organised with a sense of calm and harmony.

With the tools and techniques Pauline gives, I have really seen my son’s confidence grow and instead of me being the “helicopter mum” I feel more empowered to give my son more responsibilities which has enhanced his feelings of self-worth. My son is going from strength to strength, growing in confidence and is a much happier child.

Pauline introduced me to simple yet incredibly powerful tools, techniques and beautiful Rituals that allowed me to discover and learn what was going on in my son’s world and it has enabled me to see my value as a mum and brought back my confidence in my parenting abilities.

Pauline gives so much in her program and you literally have at your fingertips so many tools, techniques and rituals to choose from when challenges arise.

I would definitely recommend Pauline’s amazing course to all mums, whether you are experiencing huge challenges or just feel like you could be supporting your children more. You will come away with so much ease around your parenting abilities.”

Jayne Carlson

Mother and Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions


Enrollment for Peaceful Child Intuitive Heart closes on DATE…… and commences on DATE…….

So enroll now so you don’t miss out!


Every Monday morning (AEST) you will receive an email with a link to the module for that week. You will log on to the Member Site and be able to view your resources which will include:

* Video Class, that will guide you through the work and concepts for that week.

* All video’s, Audio’s, Workbooks, Guidebooks, Techniques and Meditations for that particular weeks Module.

* You will also receive a link to your upcoming Group Coaching Call for that Thursday 11am (AEST)


I have designed this course so that it will be as easy as possible to fit in around your daily life. I totally understand the demands of busy family life.

Each of the weekly video classes run for no more than 10 minutes. The audios are no more than 7 mins long which you can download to your computer desktop, tablet or smart phone. The education books can be read at your leisure which are short and straight to the point – no fluff.

Technique videos are 3mins long and the Guide books you can view at your leisure.

Plus, all of the Live Call recordings can be downloaded on to a mobile device to listen to at your own time.


That’s totally ok. The work is released weekly, but you can take the course at your own pace if you need to. The modules are designed to build on each other week by week, so where possible I would recommend you complete the work within the set week it is released. Rather than pressuring yourself to catch up, just take it at a pace that suits you.

Before the course begins, choose a day and time that you will review that week’s module information – schedule it in your calendar. Schedule all the live call times and if you cannot attend live then schedule the time to review the recording.


If you feel you  and your child would love some additional support and personalised guidance, you will have the option to purchase Private Coaching Sessions with Pauline alongside the Peaceful Mind Intuitive Heart Course.


Yes, of course!

You can access the course anytime from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device

You have an ongoing membership to the Program and access to the content


The Live Calls will run on Thursdays at 11 am (Sydney, Australia Time).

If you cannot attend live it is no problem. You can submit a question in advance related to that particular weeks Module and I will cover it in depth on the call. The recordings will be available after the live call for you to download and keep.


No this is an online program, so you can access it from anywhere in the world.



I am so glad you asked!

As an educator I have the ability to drill down the information that is focused and clear that gets you results.

In PMIH Program it is not just watch and listen program – it is an implementation program. The transformations happen in the action steps and practicing the simple and effective techniques for long term change.

The Program was initially developed for ages 7 -17 years, however the techniques and strategies are universal. So, children as young as 2 years old can commence the techniques with assistance from you.

And your teenagers can embrace the course themselves and run with it. These are skills and techniques that will benefit them throughout their entire lives.


Our children grow up so fast, and you only have so many years to positively influence them.

Why keep “wishing and hoping” that things could be better when you can start supporting your child NOW with positive tools and strategies you can use immediately.Once you know these tools and strategies, they are with you forever!


This Program is an investment in your child’s wellbeing. When you consider all the other items you buy for your child, I believe this is one of those items you know is essential.

Don’t waste another 6 months or a year trying to figure out how to best support your child on your own. Get the guidance and support you need now so both of you can learn the skills, and techniques that will stay with you and your child for a lifetime.

What better investment can you make?