Meditations For A Magnificent Life


For A Magnificent Life

In our ever increasingly busy World, our children are being taught to look outside themselves for evidence of success, for gratification and for answers to their problems.

This has taken away from our children their own ability to identify and understand what is their own truth – what is right for them and to feel, know and trust in their inner wisdom. They are being stripped of their own self-worth.

When your child loses this inner connection – they lose touch with what is important to them and as a result all they know is what is important for everyone else around them.

And so, they become so busy trying to live up to other people’s standards and expectations without ever realising that they have all their answers within them!

As part of my morning routine, I have a regular yoga practice that then leads into a meditation.

 It was during these meditation times I started to notice my daughter would sneak into my room and  sit quietly while I meditated. I then asked her if she would like to join me and  her answer was:

“YES  mum could you guide me while I meditate with you.

Over time I started to receive feedback from my daughter about these meditations and how happy  she was to go to school and how confident  she felt trying new things at school.

I noticed that throughout her day she always focused on the wonderful miracles that presented throughout her day and how grateful she was for all that is..

I also noticed how she was able to laugh at herself and not take things personally (a huge benefit for children who feel worthy).

So over time I decided to record these meditations and then create  guidebooks to go with them and………………..a few months later these meditations have evolved into the Course




 My child suffers from anxiety and these meditations have helped make it so much easier to get my daughter to school without her begging to stay home.

There is less anxiety before school and we discuss our days with more positivity.

My girls have been sleeping so much better too – the meditations have helped to quieten their busy minds.

I loved the forgiveness meditation – as a mum I was feeling like such a failure – this meditation was so timely.

Thank you for this wonderful course- my daughter and I needed this, it came at the perfect time for both of us.

I would absolutely recommend this course!!

Rebecca – Mother of 2 Children

 I loved the Raise Your Energy Meditation!! It was so empowering and had such a positive effect on my mindset!

I loved the unique nature of these meditations and the complimentary Guidebooks were incredible. They really helped me go deeper into my intuition for my own answers.

These meditations are definitely a tool I will use everyday to keep a positive mindset!

Definitely recommend this course for other teens.

Kaitlyn – 16 yo Student

It was great to take time out and still my mind and focus on feeling positive.

My child loved the Heart Space Meditation and I loved the Forgiveness Meditation for myself!

The meditations were a great length – so easy to fit into your day.

Definitely Recommend this course!

Sue – Mother of 2 Children

These Meditations create the time and space for your child to pause and be guided to go within and connect to their own wisdom and truth. Your child will feel the love, joy and happiness throughout their day.

The Guidebooks give you a deeper understanding of how to assist your child to access their Intuition and they include wonderful activities to go deeper into the process.

Inside This Digital Album You will Find These 5 Inspirational Tracks 

Raise Your Energy Meditation

Creates an incredible connection with Divine Spirit and Mother Earths Energy that brings your child love and support throughout their day. 

Sacred Heart Space Meditation.

Your Child will create an inspiring and uplifting Sacred Heart Space that they can go to any time to feel safe and receive wisdom.

I AM Empowered And Confident Meditation

Your Child will go on a journey to meet their Higher Self. They will feel strong, powerful and Confident and truly believe in themselves.

Creative Visualisation Meditation

Your Child will know how to use their creativity to visualise and create their exact ideal day full of love, joy and happiness.

Forgiveness Meditation

You and your child will receive the powerful gift of forgiveness to feel free and compassionate towards yourself and others.

PLUS you will receive Guidebooks to compliment these Meditations that include wonderful activities to help you and your child go deeper into the process of accessing your intuition.

Clare Foale

Mother of 3 and Founder of The Zim Zum Motherhood

“Pauline your meditations are so beautiful!   So, so seriously beautiful!!

The girls loved them! Last week it was taking Nina 1-2 hours a night to get to sleep, this week I am making the investment to listen to your meditations with the girls before bed and she was asleep in 2 minutes!!

OMG! We just did the meditation that takes us to meet our Higher Self…..MIND BLOWN! It was so, so powerful!

My Solar Plexus was on fire with heat as I came out of it. Amazing!

Thank you so much for your support and channeling such beauty!!”

My hope is that this Album will help you and your child to step into your own power and connect with your own inner wisdom and bring forth your gifts and talents into the World.

PRICE:  $17

Is there someone else you think would love these meditations?