Managing Your Child’s Emotions Workshop

‘Don’t Fear The Feelings.’Managing EmotionsWorkshop

Who Is This Workshop For?

* Primary School Students – Prep/Kinder – Year 6

* Secondary School Students – Year 7 – Year 12

* Parents/Caregivers and Teachers/Educators – Prep/Kinder – Year 12

* Parents and Pre-School/Daycare Educators – Children Aged 2 Years – 6 Years

* School Packages are available (See Below)

Details Of The Workshop

This Workshop is for students, parents/caregivers and teachers

In this Workshop your students will:

*  Understand what emotions really are and how to deal effectively with the emotional rollercoaster.

*  Discover the main reasons why they are feeling stress and anger and overwhelm and what they can do about it.

*  Learn simple techniques they can use in moments of heightened stress that create peace and calm     within minutes. (without the drama!)

*  Learn easy techniques to help them process their emotions effectively. 

 *  Receive a step by step guide to help manage their anger and stress in quick effective ways.

*  Discover techniques that tap into their creativity and guide them within to understand how their body is communicating to them.

I have been able to distill the information down into a workshop that is straightforward, grounded and practical for you and your students.


Secondary School

YEAR 7- YEAR 12 (Secondary School)

    SUITABLE FOR: Students Year 7 – Year 12

    DURATION:       90 Minute Workshop

    PACKAGE:       Stand alone Student Workshop or                                   part of a *School Package



Primary School

PREP/KINDER – YEAR 6 (Primary School)

    SUITABLE FOR:  Students Prep/Kinder – Year 6

    DURATION:         45 Minute Workshop

    PACKAGE:          Stand alone Student Workshop or                                        part of a *School Package




  SUITABLE FOR: Parents and Teachers of                                                 children Kinder – Year 12

  DURATION:    2 Hour Workshop                                                                      (including Q&A time)

   PACKAGE:  Stand alone Parent/ Teacher                                            Workshop or part of a *School Package




  SUITABLE FOR:  Parents and Teachers of                           children 2-6 years

    DURATION:         45 Minutes Workshop

    PACKAGE:         Workshop plus 15-20 minutes                                               spent with the children



School Packages are a combination of: 

-Student Workshops Primary or Secondary Plus

– Teacher Workshop, 

– And/or Parent Workshop

These are combined and presented on the same day


What Parents Are Saying…..

“Totally FABULOUS workshop!! EXCEEDED my Expectations!!Loved the de-stressing calming tools and how to move energy from worry and doubt to feeling happy and positive. I feel energised and positive!!”

Tracey, Mother

“Workshop was EXCELLENT! Loved learning how we can shift our own energy and work with our meridians. Wonderful calming techniques. I feel relaxed, loved and very connected to my daughter. So blessed and grateful to do this course!

Micaela, Mother

“LOVED IT!!  I loved the Energy Techniques and how you presented them in a really contained way so we know when and how to use them throughout our day or when challenges arise. Feeling so calm and relaxed!

Lois, Mother

“Truly amazing energy techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety. The approach was beautiful, gentle, dotted with humour and honesty. I feel calmer and more confident to deal with ‘those’ moments.

Linda, Mother