» Why only focusing on changing your behaviour will not create the changes you are looking for and what you need to do instead.

» The difference between your conscious thoughts and your subconscious beliefs and how they both must be on board with your desires and goals in order for you to achieve them.

» Why your emotions and feelings are your greatest guide to happiness and attracting your desires to you quickly.

» All the ways you have been unaware of blocking yourself from receiving your desires on a daily basis.

And so much more……..

Hi I’m Pauline,

I am a Self Esteem and Mindset Coach helping to bring teenagers and Mothers back into alignment with feeling calm, confident and self-assured.

It is important that when our children are suffering from anxiety and self-doubt that we don’t just work with the symptoms we need to delve deeper into the core issues and work with the body systems for true deep transformation.

I believe it is important that you build a strong, connected relationship with your inner guidance and listen to the way your body communicates to you. This is the way you receive wisdom and clarity around your desires and then take the inspired action to unashamedly live a life you love.

As Mothers, we need to shine our light brightly and love and support ourselves deeply to be the role model for our daughters.

By speaking to ourselves in empowering ways, living in alignment with our truth and creating a strong connection with who we are, we can then expand into being our fullest and brightest selves.

I believe that it’s every woman’s birthright to awaken to her truth and to honour and value her worth, while living a life full of passion, purpose, joy and peace.

This is what I wish for you and your daughter.