This 5 Day Mini-Course will radically transform your child’s life, from stress and overwhelm to calm and confident.

I will take you step by step for 1 week and give to you and your child powerful techniques that reduce stress and overwhelm and are proven to create calm, 

focus and clarity in their lives.

By The End Of These 5 Days You Will:

  • Understand what happens to your child’s Nervous System when they are stressed and anxious and learn new techniques that calm the nervous system.

  • Learn Techniques that clear the constant mind chatter and reduce overwhelm bringing calm and clarity to your child

  • Simple techniques you can use in moments of heightened anxiety that create peace and calm in your child’s life within minutes. 

  • Discover Techniques that assist with your child learning new information, focus and concentration in the classroom.

  • Discover the 4 key elements (that no one else is talking about) that are essential to implement in order to reduce anxiety in your child for good.

  • You will also understand the benefits of how Energy techniques work within your child’s body to bring their energy and emotions back into alignment reducing stress and overwhelm.

You will learn new concepts and simple techniques you can integrate into your daily life right now to reduce anxiety and have your child feeling confident. self-assured and passionate about their lives - while contributing to your family's overall peace and harmony

'Heal Your Child's Stress And Overwhelm Mini Course includes:

Video Class

These 5 videos are only 5-6 minutes long and will guide you through an education component explaining why each technique is so important in bringing back balance to your child's body plus a step by step demonstration on how to perform the techniques.       


You will receive 5 guidebooks that are both educational and action orientated to help you to start implementing the various tools and techniques that will guide your child to feel calm and confident.