Empowered Parent, Confident Child Package


This is a unique coaching program designed to guide you deep within so you can gain the clarity needed to move beyond frustration and into fulfilment.


The Empowered Parent, Confident Child Program does exactly that: help you become an empowered parent so that you can make the most positive impact on your child’s life.

There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing your child is confident, happy and knows their own self-worth and therefore living with passion and enthusiasm.

Through working with me to become the empowered parent you’re meant to be, you will:

  • Discover how our unconscious beliefs and past experiences play out in our children’s current behaviour and experiences.
  • Release old patterns and blocks that hold you back from parenting more consciously.
  • Let go of the worries and doubts you have for your child that may be attributing to their lack of confidence and low self-esteem.
  • Learn a unique set of tools and techniques to dissolve past issues and re-program thinking and emotional responses.
  • Learn how to parent intuitively- so you know beyond a doubt that everything you do or say is having a positive and educational impact on your child’s life.
  • Learn how to help your child access their own intuition so they make decisions that are right for them and not seek external answers or approval.
  • Create a vision for your family – and actually make it happen through specific steps that are way less harder than you think!

“Having completed the Empowered Parent, Confident Child Program there have been so many amazing changes in my life. Our family life is so much more organised with a sense of calm and harmony.

With the tools and techniques Pauline gives, I have really seen my son’s confidence grow and instead of me being the “helicopter mum” I feel more empowered to give my son more responsibilities which has enhanced his feelings of self-worth. My son is going from strength to strength, growing in confidence and is a much happier child.


Pauline introduced me to simple techniques that allowed me to discover and learn what was going on in my son’s world and it has enabled me to see my value as a mum and brought back my confidence in parenting.


Pauline gives so much in her program and you literally have at your fingertips so many tools and techniques to choose from when challenges arise.


I would definitely recommend Pauline’s amazing course to all mums, whether you are experiencing huge challenges or just feel like you could be supporting your children more.


You will come away with so much ease around your parenting abilities.”


Mother and Business Owner Sydney

As a holistic practitioner, I draw on a range of techniques and tools to help you bring your particular family vision into form. Some of the techniques I use, you may already be familiar with, like:


•EFT, sometimes known as “Energy Psychology “which is based on the 5,000 year old Chinese Acupuncture philosophy and is so quick and easy to use with profound results. This has been a wonderful technique I have used for bullied children.


•Energy Medicine techniques which are proven processes to clear and balance your energy in minutes. Children love the way this makes them feel and are very welcoming to this process


•Powerful Rituals that can be used on a daily basis and during times when your child may be experiencing specific issues such as, during stressful situations, emotional outbursts, before exams or even great for kids to use before bed for a great nights sleep.


•Creative Visualisation, Imagery Techniques and breathing techniques to powerfully connect you to a higher source of wisdom and calm.

Why is this important?

The goal of The Empowered Parent, Confident Child coaching program is to bring you to a state where you are self-assured in your parenting so you can confidently guide your child towards a life that is inspiring and meaningful.

Rather than follow an overly prescribed agenda, you will learn to trust your own intuition so that your child can excel and become a happy, passionate and fulfilled child who knows and acknowledges their true value

This means you’ll no longer play out the old programming and beliefs that are running your life. Once you learn your specific blocks and triggers you’ll be in an empowered place to turn things around.

The truth is: nobody is in a better position to uncover what your child needs than you are. My role is to guide you through the process and techniques that will unleash your hidden wisdom.


Sound good?

“I love Pauline’s work – it has opened me up to a completely different way of thinking about how I parent and how I am with my kids. I feel more able to handle the curve-balls that life throws at me and them – and to help them strongly but gently be themselves. Thank you for your gorgeous warmth, wisdom and insight Pauline.”

Clare Foale

Mother of 3 Children and Founder www.ClareFoale.com

The Empowered Parent, Confident Child package includes:

Pre Program Workbook.

This workbook will guide you through questions and activities to help bring clarity around your issues and intentions on what you want to experience in our coaching.
You will send this to me prior to our first session and it will form the basis of our work together.

8 x 75 minute coaching sessions

These are the core of our work together. Via Skype
Sessions are held fortnightly

Six sessions are necessary for true transformation. It’s not an instant formula, as you need time to implement the tools, techniques and rituals for greatest, lasting success.

Each session is a powerful combination of energy healing as well as coaching that guides you through the specific tools and rituals that will be of most benefit to your unique family.

Worksheets and Education Sheets

These worksheet are both educational and action orientated to help you to start implementing the various tools and techniques that will guide you towards your desired life.


Specific set of Rituals for your needs.
These Rituals can be used on a daily basis or during times when you or your child may be experiencing specific issues.

Email Support

You will have email support from me where you can ask questions and receive the support you need between sessions.

Access to “Insights from Pauline” plus subscriber only gifts, tips and special offers.

“Pauline’s teachings have allowed me to help my children in ways I never thought possible! I am a parent of 3 children and it’s been hard! With Pauline’s guidance and strategies, I feel so much more confident with my Parenting abilities and I have been able to form wonderful open relationship with my children where we are able to communicate together in a much healthier way rather than the previous yelling scenarios”

Katie Watt

Mother of 3 Children Sydney

Whether your family is going through a crisis (like mine was), or whether you’re simply pro-active about the kind of family life you want, I want you to know one thing:

The rituals I have created for my family are a constant source of inspiration and renewal.
Rituals nourish us, feed us and connect us to our inner guidance– they are what bring you into total alignment with the parent you want to be.

Children love rituals because they bring much needed structure to their lives.
Even if I never get the opportunity to work with you closely, I hope you discover the gift that rituals bring to your family.

Saying yes to The Empowered Parent means you are committed to becoming one.
I’d be honoured to help you transform your closest relationships in the most important work you’ll ever do… parenting!

I believe that you cannot help your child feel confident, inspired and happy if you are not yourself. Children are our feedback mechanism and the mirrors of our own energy systems.

I also believe that when you follow the invitation to delve deeper – prompted by whatever is presenting in your child’s behaviour or experience, you’ll never regret it.

If you feel drawn to help your child (and yourself) through a truly powerful process, I’d be thrilled to assist you become the most empowered version of yourself.


Empowered Parent, Confident Child Program

Payment Plan – 3 Monthly Payments $370

A Discount is available when you pay upfront and in full.


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