A Little About Me

*I Love time spent with my 2 children (now teenagers!), my husband and our gorgeous black labrador.

*I’m a Yoga Lover – As a 3 year old I loved watching Swami perform yoga on TV. I always wanted to be like Swami, but without a leotard, I’d just strip off – much to mum’s surprise as she found her naked toddler doing yoga asanas in front of the television.

*I Nursed at The Alfred Hospital and then specialised as a Diabetes Educator in Community Health.

*I’ve studied Reiki, Chakras, Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique and practiced Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices for over 20 years.

*I have been blessed to have had some incredibly amazing experiences in my life so far. I have travelled the world visiting 50+ countries and 5 Continents– which included meditating with Tibetan Monks in Buddhist Monasteries in Ladakh, praying in Mosques, extensive travel through India and Africa spending time visiting the Taj Mahal, Kashmir and the Holy Ganges in Varanasi, had an Audience with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, and met Princess Diana, spent time in the slums of Calcutta with Mother Teresa’s nuns, and held the hands of dying patients.

*Trekked for several weeks in the foothills of Mount Everest in the Himalayas, come face to face with Silverback Gorillas in the jungles of Zaire Africa, white water rafting on the Zambezi River, Helicopter ride over Victoria Falls Zimbabwe…….

*BUT, the most transformative experience I have had is being a Mother to my beautiful little souls. It’s a crazy adventure but the most rewarding experience that I am grateful for every minute of the day!

Pauline Pollard

I have always loved working with teenagers and their parents and the work I have done as as a self-esteem coach has been incredibly rewarding.

My work now is in creating Products and Resources for Teenagers and Parents to use to transform their lives to feeling confident, happy, self assured people who recognise their self worth and are motivated to persue their passions, desires and goals.

These Products and Resources include: