Release stress and overwhelm and step into the flow.



You may have heard the term ‘Being In The Flow’ but do you know what that actually means? And how important it is for you and your teen to feel this way? Discover how to release the stress and worry and step into the flow of life.

I’m sure you know what it feels like when you are not in the flow.

You find it hard to make decisions feeling unsure of yourself going back and forth and you find your mind is jumping all over the place. Negative beliefs start to pop up and you focus on fear and worry.

You start to look around and compare yourself to others……you can feel your energy leaking, you are losing your power.

You don’t feel centred or grounded because you are not in the present moment……you are looking everywhere else.

And you feel tense, resistant, frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed.

Everything becomes hard work when you are ‘not in the flow’ just like trying to swim upstream in a river.

So the solution is to devote yourself back to the practices that make you feel good and realign you and reconnect you back to your intuition and feeling back in control.

So let’s discover the ways you can shift back into the flow.

1. Journal Prompts

Answering these questions will help you see where you may be focusing on things that are drawing you out of the flow.

  • Are you comparing yourself to others?
  • Are you being drawn into what others are suggesting you do? (and it doesn’t feel right for you)
  • What are you giving your attention and focus to? Worry and stress or solutions and gratitude?

2. What Is The Resistance?

What are the beliefs you have that are keeping you stuck?

Listen to the dominant thoughts you have when you are ‘out of the flow.’ Do you speak kindly and encourage yourself or do you speak harshly and tell yourself all the things you have done wrong?

When you notice this happening, you have a moment to flip these beliefs and choose more empowering ways to speak to yourself.

3. Follow Your Joy

What activities do you love doing that make you feel 10/10?
Gardening, go for a walk, go to the beach, having a bath, a massage, yoga, breathing techniques….

Whatever makes YOU feel great will shift your energy and help to bring you back into alignment and into the flow again.

Write a list of everything that makes you feel uplifted, so when you feel crappy you have a quick reference to choose a technique or activity that will shift your energy back into a higher vibe state.

4. Complete Presence

Try not to multi-task…. I know as a mum it’s very tempting!!
But when you have 3 or 4 things on the go your focus is all over the place and you will find nothing is done properly. By focusing on one task, you are able to give your complete presence to this.

When athletes are stepping up to the starting blocks they can’t afford to be thinking about what they are going to cook for dinner or stressing about an upcoming exam! They give complete focus to the task in front of them.

5. Look for the Opportunities

As you shift your energy out of stress and overwhelm start to look for the synchronicities and opportunities which indicate you are getting back into the flow. And….. appreciate them.

I hope these ideas have given you some simple ways that you can quickly and easily shift back into the flow and definitely share them with your teenager too.

These simple steps will help them to know they have the power and the ability to shift their energy any time they choose to feel in the flow with life again.

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