Is life just passing you by?



Do you sometimes feel like life is just passing you by?….

Each day is like Ground Hog day where you go through the motions and swear that things have got to change, that tomorrow will be different.

You know you want change but have somehow become disconnected from what is important to you and what it is you truly desire and wish you could find that balance between serving your family and fulfilling your own needs.

You feel like you are constantly giving and constantly feeling exhausted while trying to squeeze in time for your own self-growth…..which keeps getting pushed into the background.

And you put your own self-care off until the ‘right time’ like when the kids are older, or when you get to work part-time or when the kids are in college….and you think that some time in the future when things ‘calm down a little’ that you will have the opportunity to do things for yourself and feel happy?

Somewhere along the way you have lost touch with your dreams and what is important to you.

You want to be a mum that parents with wisdom and is present for her children and cooks great meals and has date nights with your partner and spends quality time with friends…….a mum who does it all and at the same time feels great and fulfilled.

I know how you feel! Because this was me!

Let’s rewind 10 years

You know the old saying “The breakdown before the breakthrough” well that was me.

I was going through an extremely challenging time and my life as I knew it, was literally crumbling around me…….

I felt exhausted overwhelmed and ready to lose my temper and just didn’t know how to ‘get it together.’

I was raised to believe you need to sacrifice and put your life on hold for your children and could see myself playing the role of the victim and martyr which no one wants to be around!!

But I was so depleted – putting out spot fires and treading water while sinking further and further under….

The more I pushed through my days the more disconnected I became with who I was and what was important to me.

I was at a crossroads, I knew I needed to change the direction I was heading in.

I decided I needed to pick myself up and make changes – new choices and decisions on how I wanted to parent and be available to my two children.

So, I spent a few years on a personal journey to discover many tools and techniques, including Energy Medicine, that could transform the emotional pain and negative belief patterns that I had created and gift these concepts and techniques to my children.

Once I started to do the inner work on myself I was feeling better but I also noticed my children shifting – their energy was shifting to more joy, happiness and incredible wisdom……..

You see It starts with a decision to say YES to yourself – your wellbeing matters, you’re worth investing in and then the whole family benefits.

And as a mum in order to support and serve your family from an uplifted and divine state you MUST fill your cup first.

I have now learnt how to honour myself and know my worthiness and live a life that is so distant to the me 10 years ago.

I have an incredible relationship with my children and the issues that used to trigger me in the past are no longer concerns in my life

I am now in a different place, I parent with confidence knowing how to guide my children to their own answers and using everyday situations as learning experiences.

I fill my own cup daily. My morning routine sets me up for the day ahead. I am excited to start my day and feel fulfilled …..

Both my son and daughter are thriving feeling self-assured, confident, happy and are wise beyond their years.

You can have this too!!

Its time for you to live a life you love and enjoy.

It’s your time now

FEEL the FREEDOM of knowing all this is possible and more….

Are you ready?