Something needs to change….

Something needs to change.


“Something needs to change….”

We have all had this thought at some stage.

And usually, it comes when you keep pushing yourself to keep going……telling yourself ‘Come on, you’ve got this, it won’t be for much longer…….but the pushing and the hustling seems to become the new ‘normal’ way of living and nothing every changes when you stay in the energy of the problem.

And the problem is you are allowing your beliefs about how you should parent, or be a ‘good’ partner, or show up at work……. dictate and rule your life!

You reach that point where you need to draw the line in the sand and say “Enough is enough!” “I can’t keep going like this!”

BUT how do I do things differently?

Your beliefs create your thoughts which create your emotions and you then take action from that space.

You see your life through the veil of your belief systems, and if you believe that “Parenting is a struggle and you need to sacrifice for your children….”or

“A good wife must have the house spotless, do the cooking and cleaning and sacrifice her desires….” Or

“In order to be successful in your career, you must work long hard hours….” Then, that is how you will live your life.

Can you honestly look at yourself right now and say, “Yes, I am connected to all I am meant to be, I am grounded and standing in my power and my actions come from inspiration from what I know is right for me?”

These hidden beliefs will continue to rule and sabotage any changes you wish to make in your life… matter how much you wish things were different.

Your beliefs come from experiences in your past that you still hold an emotional charge around. It may have been something someone said to you, “You will never be able to hold down a good job” or something you witnessed or experienced like seeing your own mum sacrificing her desires for the sake of her children.

The good news is, your beliefs can be changed because they are literally trapped emotional energy that is stored in your subconscious mind.

So, all you need to do is use energy techniques to transmute and dissipate this old stuck energy and the freedom you desire is yours.

You are then able to reprogram your nervous system, brain and subconscious to adopt more empowering beliefs that support you and your desires.

This is how you make permanent changes in your life and bring to life your desires and dreams.

If you have an inkling that you have beliefs that are not serving you then reach out to me by email and I can book you in for a free 30-minute call.

My work is to help you to shift your unconscious beliefs and conditioning that has kept you stuck and frustrated with life and to then rediscover what is important to you, what lights you up in order to feel the freedom to live your life from what your soul desires.