You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have.



As you may know for the past 3 years I have been working with teenage girls suffering from stress, overwhelm and anxiety and it has been so incredibly rewarding to see these girls flourishing and really loving their lives again.

This new confidence to try new things, enjoying new rewarding and fulfilling friendships and excelling in their passions…..

However, something I notice in my work was the issues that presented for the teenagers were actually issues that were also presenting for their Mums…what was going on for them was a reflection of what was going on for the Mum.

I saw many deep-seated limiting beliefs that were really holding them back.

So many issues and beliefs around…….

Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed because they were tired of doing and thinking for everyone else.

“I never have any time for myself!!”

“Being a Mum means you just have to keep on soldiering on……”

“I will feel happy when…….kids are at school or when my kids are older or some other time other than the present moment – delaying their happiness.”

“I want to do things for myself but don’t even know what lights me up anymore!”

“I feel like I have lost what is important to me….”

And that is why I am opening up a new service for Women.

One of the main concepts these Mums needed to understand was-
You can’t give what you don’t have……
You can’t give your child confidence or make them feel worthy or fulfilled if you haven’t already embodied that yourself.
So, what if you were given the space to “fill your cup up” in order to support your children and family – feeling inspired, calm and confident to be the role model who……

  • Is giving from a fulfilled and calm space rather than from a depleted and exhausted state.


  • Where you intuitively support your child to guide them to their inner solutions rather than feed off their stress and worry.


  • And importantly, you become in touch with what is important to you.


  • You have clarity about your desires and unashamedly step up to make this happen.


  • You are able to see what has been holding you back in the past, all those old beliefs and patterns that have been running your life for so long……

You can release these patterns and create a new clear focused vision to live a happier, calmer more energised life that will have you feeling inspired about your life again.

Does this sound true for you?

Well, now you can have it ALL!!

Feel the freedom of knowing all this is possible and more…..