What Is Your Stress Telling YOU?



How are your stress levels at the moment?

If you have been feeling more stressed in this current climate you are certainly not alone.

One thing that has helped me when I have been in the midst of feeling stressed and overwhelmed is to remember that these feelings are a valuable sign from our body that we are out of alignment and not in the flow with what is true for us …….what is important to us.

You see, quite often we get so caught up in the ‘busyness’ of life that we never give ourselves time to reflect on WHY we are doing all the things we jam pack in our days.

Quite often these things we have prioritised to do are coming from what we feel we ‘should’ be doing, ‘have’ to be doing or ‘must’ be doing.

The day I sat down feeling emotionally exhausted and knowing that I just couldn’t keep DOING things the way I had been,  I realised 3 important things that were going on in my day to day life…..

  • I was feeling the pressure to look, be or have certain things in my life to make me happy…..not realising that I could create my own happiness right now! It’s just a decision.


  • I was feeling the pressure of expectations, criticism and judgements from others and so was doing all the ‘shoulds’ for everyone else.


  • I was looking outside of myself for validation and approval from others that I was being a ‘good’ mum, ‘good’ wife, ‘good’ friend without realising that I had it all back to front……in order to serve others I needed to fill myself up first.

I had lost the connection of who I was and what was important to ME.

The answer is about creating more balance in your life cos at the moment the scales are tipping towards hustle and pushing to make things happen.

So if this is you right now, then take a look at what ‘should’s’, ‘have to’s’ and ‘must do’s’ you can slowly release from your day.

Prioritise YOU first.

Take a look at one ‘should’ in your day that you can replace with something that makes you FEEL 10/10

Where in your day can you create more flow and ease?

It may be picking up your yoga practice or going for a walk or it could be as simple as creating some pauses in your day and placing your hand on your heart and breathing in deeply saying ‘RECEIVING’ and exhaling saying ‘RELEASING’.

You have got this my lovely.

Remember, just start with the small steps.