What Is The Current Situation Revealing To You?



I hope you are making the most of the ‘lessons’ this quarantine time is really bringing up……. and that you are staying well and healthy.

I posted recently on Facebook the question:

‘What is the current situation in the World revealing to you, teaching you or reminding you?’

I was blown away by how inspiring all the comments were.

‘I have renewed my gratitude practice and I am so grateful for the small things in our lives”

“No need to rush and hustle…..Life unfolds as it should, I am in a place now where I allow things to come to me.”

Connection and freedom are core values of mine..…..right now finding and feeling these in deeper and different ways.”

“I feel more connected to nature and the healing energy of the planet”

“The precious time to enjoy my children and making the most of our family time.”

What I have found time and time again when there is a ‘crisis’ such as this pandemic we are currently experiencing, it gives everyone the opportunity to step up and amplify the good that already exists within. 

I also know there are so many people who are dealing with a lot of fear and overwhelm too…….I know what it feels like to wake up and feel the dread of another day weighing you down, the heaviness in your chest where you literally can’t take a breath in, your mind is scattered and racing…..where you feel frozen in the moment……unsure of what to do next……

What I know now is when you go through dark times in life it is always good to remember they are presenting themselves for your growth and evolution.

We are always evolving and therefore always being given opportunities in our lives to expand and grow.

I would like to share with you some small things that have helped me during those challenging times:

*  Know you are never alone and you are always connected to Divine Spirit.

* That fear blocks your connection to spirit and inspiration and love enhances it allowing your intuition and wisdom to flow.

* Choose to perceive things differently. For example, rather than feeding the fear with ‘What if’s’ and allowing your mind and ego to run the show which keeps you in the energy of the problem, instead choose to              focus into your heart space …… in the stillness the solutions will surface.

* When it’s hard to see a clear path…..Trust that everything is working out for you.

* What you focus on, you give energy to, so place your focus on what you are grateful for right now. This will bring you into the present moment rather than focusing your energy on past events or the                 future ‘What if’s’

* Take one step and one decision at a time. Slow down and wait for guidance on the next right step.

I truly hope that you are able to take away something that will enable you to move through your challenges.

PS I have almost finished creating a beautiful Guide book just for you. I am still waiting for the title of the book to come to me but I’m thinking of  “Embrace Your Unique Self’  A Guide To Living A More Conscious, Connected, Heartcentred and Awakened Life.”
I would love to know your thoughts on the title.