Key Technique For Calm And Clarity



Would you like to know the key technique that brings calm and clarity to your child’s body especially when your child is about to sit an exam, perform in a musical recital, or give a presentation at school?

Because we all know, that when you are about to step out of your comfort zone there is an element of nervous energy.

This is perfectly normal but sometimes the ‘fight and flight’ response can start to take over and one of the ‘problems’ that can arise is blood leaves the front of the brain (prefrontal cortex) and travels to the extremities.

Now, this is great if you want to run from a lion or tiger but not so great if you need to be calm and ready to focus on an exam!

The front of your brain (prefrontal cortex) plays an important role and is responsible for memory, focus, attention, retaining information, decision making, being able to recall information….you get the picture…….everything your child needs to perform well at school, sport and life.

So, one of the simple techniques I teach to feed the blood and energy back to this area of the brain is called The Neurovascular Calm Hold.

1. The Neurovascular Calm Hold

These Pressure Points will bring the blood back to the frontal lobe of the brain – and along with it comes calm and clarity.

1.Place thumbs in temples and pads of your fingers above your eyebrows on your forehead.

2. Breath deeply, inhale through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth.

3. While holding these points feel into the stress or worry you are experiencing. You do not need to think positive thoughts just feel into the emotions.

4. Talk yourself through the stressful situation – this will help to reprogram your brain to deal with stress in a new way. ( I am worried about this exam, I am scared I won’t be able to remember everything, what if I make a mistake….)

5. Hold softly up to 3 minutes breathing deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Hold long enough and you will feel a pulsating in your hands- this is the blood returning to your forebrain. As you feel the soothing release of stress, you will begin to feel calmer and clearer.

Benefits Of Holding The Neurovascular Calm Points

There are so many wonderful benefits of holding these neurovascular points.

Firstly, by allowing your child to talk through the stressful situation this is helping them to actually reprogram their brain to deal with stress in a new way.

By holding these points your child is calming their nervous system. So, the next time that situation comes up your child is going to react to it with less stress.

It also brings the blood and energy back into the frontal lobe of the brain.

By placing your hands/fingers on your forehead you are encouraging the blood to flow from the primal fear-based part of the brain back into the forebrain through the electromagnetic energy in your hands.

This helps your child to:

  • Release stress from the body
  • Release tension in the mind and body
  • Think clearly and focused
  • Feel Calm and relax
  • Reset their body to respond calmer to stressful situations

A Powerful technique wouldn’t you agree?

Teach your child how to use these calm points and they will feel empowered to have a technique they can use whenever they need it.


  • For younger children, you may like to ask permission to hold these points on them when they are feeling upset/stressed.
  • Allow your child to help you hold the points on yourself. This will teach them the process and help them feel like they are contributing and helping to reprogram your brain.

If you want to learn more powerful techniques to reduce stress and anxiety and for your child to feel confident and empowered when challenged, then book a free call with me now, I would love to chat with you.

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