This week we are talking about Tantrums and Meltdowns!!

We have all been there, right?

The kids are looking happy and we think “I’ll just do a quick food shop while they are playing nicely”.

You get into the supermarket and BAM… starts with winging, then crying and before you know it – it’s a full on temper tantrum!!

Or your teenager is coming home from School feeling frustrated, annoyed and overwhelmed! You ask them why? And their answer is “I don’t know why! I just feel annoyed!”…………

Want to know why?


What can you do to help your child who is having constant tantrums and meltdowns?

First of all it’s important you understand what is going on within your child’s body – so you then understand why and how these energy techniques – work.

So, if your child is having these constant meltdowns then they are very sensitive to the energy around them. – that is …..The energy that is in their environment…

You will find that your child will have emotional meltdowns or for younger children ‘tantrums’,  when they are in environments where there are a lot of people such as Shopping centres, supermarkets and for older children- sitting in a classroom with 30 other kids, travelling on the bus or train home can really where they are sitting in these confined areas with a lot of other people around them.

And, What is happening within your child’s body is all this energy that is around them from others is actually bombarding their nervous system and because they have no way of cleansing and clearing this energy their Nervous System becomes inflamed and overloaded…..And so what is happening is their body is detecting there is an emergency situation going on

And –  guess what, it flips the Nervous System into fight and flight.

And, especially for little children 2-6-year-olds their Nervous system has not fully developed yet -so you can imagine how traumatic this is for them……and as a result, a tantrum/emotional outburst is their way of ridding their body of this energy that feels so overwhelming and uncomfortable!!!

In older children, this may present as them coming home from school feeling frustrated annoyed overwhelmed and not sure why!

Now let’s just take a little detour here – MUM – this can trigger you when your child is having these meltdowns everyday. It can bring up the feelings of “If my child is acting out everyone will think I am a bad mum” “What is everyone thinking??”

Please know – this is NOT a reflection on whether you are a good mum – in this instant you want to put the spotlight on your child…….when you can put your ‘stuff’ aside, you won’t be triggered and the best way to do that is to put the spotlight on YOUR child for this moment.

And instead you can become grounded and focused in the present moment NOW – and give to your child what they really need from YOU

They need your acknowledgement and support – say “I see your upset when your ready let me know and we can breathe together”

A quick energy technique you can use is holding neurovascular points. (demonstrated in the video)

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