Make Your Child’s Nervous System Their Ally



Make your child’s nervous system their ally, by using energy techniques that calm and rebalance their nervous system

The stats are increasing…….more and more children are suffering from anxiety.

There are so many expectations placed on our children from the media, magazines, TV and social media along with the normal schoolyard stuff……and our kids are FEELING IT!!!!

Your child’s thoughts have power – and if they are constantly worried, fearful and anxious along with feelings of not being good enough or worthy enough……… then that creates an emotional response in their body.

Anxiety is an emotional response to a threat or perceived threat – this threat can be real or imagined.

So if your child has constant thoughts of fear worry or stress. –  this is a perceived danger by the body and the Sympathetic Nervous System stays on constant alert

And if this goes on for a period of time where the nervous system is being bombarded by these emotional states, then the body assumes this OVERSTIMULATED state is the NEW NORMAL

Your child is a ‘sensitive soul’ and they have unique gifts and talents to share with the world  BUT they are unable to express these gifts and shine their light when their body is in constant ALERT mode……..their sensitive nervous system becomes inflamed and burnt out!

When your child is in this constant HIGH ALERT state, they feel the symptoms of ANXIETY

Fearful, overwhelmed, unfocused, tense, uncertain, nervous…… and of course the constant mind chatter that tells them they are not enough!

When you are able to introduce simple ENERGY TECHNIQUES into your child’s day.

  1. They are able to raise their energetic vibration that creates a cocoon of positive energy within and around them before they walk out the door.

2.They can use energy Techniques throughout their day that maintain this vibration during challenges and stresses, so they don’t succumb to those deep troughs in their emotions like a roller coaster.

3.They will also use Techniques that cleanse their nervous system quickly of any stuck lower energy and releasing the frustration and overwhelm at the same time.


All of these techniques help in true healing from anxiety as they rewire their nervous system to respond to stress in a new way.


This is the power of working energetically with your child to reduce and release anxiety.