How To Love Your Life……In This Moment.



Today’s Inspiration Moment is a light bulb moment I had at the Beach.

While sitting at Whale Beach, I was feeling so grateful for the show that Mother Nature was turning on for me……..I started to contemplate about Gratitude.

I feel it is such a shame that the word Gratitude is becoming so cliche these days and people are forgetting about the potency of this incredible energy that gratitude gifts us.

We all know and feel the power of LOVE right? But let me tell you a little secret….the vibration of Gratitude is higher than Love.

Yes, a study conducted by the psychiatrist Dr David Hawkins was able to develop a scale which mapped out the energetic vibration of our emotions – it is called the Scale Of Consciousness which you can read about in his book “Power vs Force”

This means that Gratitude is Love PLUS so much more…..appreciation, joy, happiness, giving back…..the list goes on..

So would you like to join me in harnessing this incredible vibration?

It’s not just about saying the words and ticking gratitude off the list – its those words that stir up an emotional response in our body that lifts our vibration.

Gratitude is a vibration that pulls us into the present moment like nothing else!

And by immersing ourselves into the essence of gratitude it then allows us to create from THIS VERY MOMENT, not from our past limiting beliefs or the future What if’s….

So I asked my Angels how to best communicate the power of Gratitude and this is what came next…….

IN THIS MOMENT do I have a roof over my head? Yes,……then I am Grateful

IN THIS MOMENT do I have a warm comfortable bed to sleep in? Yes,…...then I am Grateful

IN THIS MOMENT  am I witnessing an incredible sunset? Yes……..then I am Grateful.

IN THIS MOMENT am I enjoying the company of my children? Yes…...then I am Grateful.

I said these words in my shower this morning…..and then they stayed with me while I did my yoga practice……and again when I was looking at the incredible sunrise …….and again when I greeted my children……….and again when fear stared me in the face!

I really hope that this is as powerful for you as it is for me.

Asking a question shifts the energy and creates space for all possibilities.

Use this as a fun game to remind your children just how much they have to be grateful for.


Infuse these little moments of gratitude throughout your day.

I promise, you will have so much fun doing this with your children – you will receive so many insights into their World and what is important to them.

Make it a Game as you walk to School saying “In This Moment I am …………(walking down a beautiful path to School? yes, then I am grateful)
and let them finish the sentence.

I would love to hear about your experiences so click reply on this email and let me know how you go.

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