Boys Don’t Cry….Or Should They?



Today’s Inspiration Moment is what to do in the midst of big emotions.

Dealing with your child’s big emotions can be really tricky as in most instances it triggers a whole set of emotions within you of dread, fear upset anger and the thoughts of “what is wrong?” and “I don’t know what to do!!”

In this moment you may find it really hard to be the loving and accepting parent you would like to be.

Firstly, remember:

  1. Emotions are just energy and are meant to flow through your body.
  1. The behaviour your child is exhibiting is just a symptom to a deeper issue and cause. Their behaviour is an expression of this unresolved issue or problem and they need support in bringing that forward.

So emotions are not good or bad, they are just energy in motion and this energy is meant to flow through our bodies.

Our emotions are how our body communicates to us, when we are out of alignment feeling anger, frustration or anxiety or we are in alignment with our truth feeling happiness, joy and appreciation.

Please don’t say “It will be alright, don;t cry”.

I know it feels uncomfortable as a parent to see your child upset and distressed but the best thing you can do in that moment is validate their emotions and allow them to feel into them.

“I see you are upset, I will give you time to feel that emotion and when you are ready, let me know and we can breathe together.”

As for boys not crying – well, crying is one of the best ways to release this negative energy from their nervous system.

Crying is an essential part of the process of clearing and cleansing your child’s energetic system and flushing their nervous system of stuck energy.

Emotions are energy in motion and will actually flow through your body to be transmuted when you allow yourself or your child to really feel it. Generally it will take less than 90 seconds to notice a change.

So, the solution is to validate your child’s emotions and allow your children to feel their emotions.

This will not only take away their shame and guilt  by allowing them to know it is not wrong to feel angry, sad, frustrated……but it also allows the energy of these emotions to flow through their body’s and be released.

If your child is taught to suppress their emotions and not feel them, they will then become stuck in their energy fields causing ongoing replays of these emotional meltdowns or worse, where they start to act out on this emotion such as becoming physically aggressive.

So, release all judgment we have placed on emotions and give your child a safe place to feel and release emotions.


1. Pause and Breathe    

This will lift your energy and ground you in the present moment (it will only take 30 seconds!)

2.  Become The Witness

Look at the scene as a witness, just observing.

By doing this you reduce the emotional attachment to the scene.

When you no longer hold an emotional charge to your child’s behaviour you are able to keep your energy high and actually be a support to your child.

3. What Would LOVE do?

Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath and ask:
“What would love do?”

Feel the energy shift

This is incredibly powerful and will bring you back to a place of love and support for your child in an instant.

4. Love, Acknowledge and Appreciate Your Child.

Whisper in your child’s ear

  • “I love you unconditionally.”
  • “I appreciate and respect you.”
  • “I support you”
  • Ask them to let you know when they are ready to take a deep breath and then breathe deeply with them.

I would love to hear about your experiences so click reply on this email and let me know how you go.

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