Peace and Quiet….Finally!




Today’s Monday Inspiration is about Meditation……..but not in the way you may be used to.

I was actually hesitant to write the word Meditation as I am sure you are visualising someone sitting cross legged in silence for long periods of time lol!!

No…..this is not what I am referring to, although if you wish to meditate in this way then please go right ahead.

I see meditation as a way of resting the mind and having the opportunity to connect within.

Pausing and giving yourself time to not be focused on the external world but just BE in this moment.

Our children are the best people to teach us how to Meditate……when their focus is on one thing they love doing – nothing else matters.

The Cambridge Dictionary describes meditation as ‘The act of giving your attention to one thing”

When you are able to Pause at different times throughout your day and bePRESENT IN THAT ONE MOMENT you will reap incredible benefits.

  • Feeling Calm and Peaceful
  • Experience Moments of Inspiration
  • Feeling of Gratitude and Appreciation
  • Incredible Insights in your life

These are the gifts that await you when you are able to just Pause…..

So, Today’s Inspiration Moment will show you a simple way you can incorporate meditation into your day…… yoga mat needed or extra time!


1. Map out 3 times in your day you have 30 seconds to Pause and Be Present.

2. Set reminders in your phone.

When the reminders alert you do the following:

  • Pause
  • Take in a slow deep breath and connect with Mother Nature
  • Use your 5 senses and answer the following questions:

What Do I See?

What Do I Hear?

What Do I Smell?

What do I Taste?

What Do I Feel/Touch?

This meditation only needs to take 30 seconds……….are you worth spending 30 seconds with yourself out of 86,400 seconds in your day?

I love to do this with my children at the Beach, in the Park or on a Bush walk.

Enjoy Your Moments!

I would love to hear about your experiences so please leave a comment below.

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