How To Declutter Anxious Thoughts



Welcome to today’s Inspiration Moment.

I am meeting more and more Parents who are struggling with their child’s anxiety and self-doubts.

And, they all have one thing in common…..negative mind chatter that is on replay in their minds!!

It gets pretty noisy in there and so their mind ends up dominating and distracting their focus and attention.

The self-doubts become real for them and they question their ability to make decisions…..even if these children are high achievers!

In fact, most of the children I see with this issue ARE high achievers either academically or in the sporting arena.

This busy mind is where the ego resides. And, it loves reminding us of those old beliefs we accepted when we were young, that we aren’t good enough, we can’t do it, no-one wants to listen……..these no longer serve us.

When your child is able to calm their mind and release the mind-chatter, it allows space for the flow of wisdom.

This is when your child will receive inspiration that seemingly comes from no-where……

So, Today’s Inspiration Moment is to use tools to help quieten the mind chatter and become grounded.



1. Declutter the Anxious thoughts

Have your Child grab a Journal.
This is a great time for him/her to brain dump all the things they are concerned about on to paper.

Just allow the pen to flow and have them write (or draw if they prefer) everything they feel anxious or worried about.

Now, make a list of the items your child has no control over and allow them to gently release these issues saying:

“I am choosing to release these issues as I have no control over the outcome. I am trusting that everything will work out perfectly. I am sending love and light to these people/situations.”

Now, create a second list of all the things they DO have control over. Gently guide your child with questions to their own solutions about these issues. This is incredibly empowering in building their self-esteem and confidence.

Then allow them to discuss with you what they have written.
Make them feel safe with no judgement.

The list they have no control over they can release with the above mantra.

The items they do have control over empowers them to now create a positive plan to solve.

Please don’t underestimate the power of this process, as over time you will find that your child will actually start to receive inspiration as they are writing and solve problems in the moment!

Now, go and purchase that journal now and give it as a gift to your child when they arrive home from School.

I would love to hear about your experiences so leave me a comment below.

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