Are You Really Supporting Your Child?



I know this can be a tricky topic, but do you constantly worry about your child?

“I hope they are doing well at School”
“I hope they have friends to play with”
“I hope they are not getting bullied or excluded”

When you constantly worry about your Child you are not in a state to support them, you are just feeding the negative energy.

You are actually focusing your thoughts and energy on what you don’t want to happen and your Child will feel this energy too.

So, Today’s Monday Inspiration is a reminder to Focus On What We DO Want to happen for our child.

When you choose positive thoughts about your child you will feel uplifted in knowing that so much truly is possible for your child and you are supporting them and teaching them how to create what they want.

You are creating a positive momentum for your child to feed from.


Start your day with at least 3 positive things you can say about your child and their day ahead.

Say it in the present tense and feel free to throw in a touch of gratitude too, it will go a long way.

“I am so happy Sarah has wonderful caring friends.”
“I am so grateful that Tom is feeling great about his Science Assignment”
“I know Mia will enjoy a fun and happy day”

It is that simple!!   It will take no more than 5 minutes.

You will be amazed at how good you feel about setting these positive intentions for your child. It will shift your energy from focusing on the problem to contributing to a solution.

You will know you are supporting your child even when they are not with you.

Your child will FEEL your supportive energy.

I would love to hear about your experiences so leave a comment below.

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