Release The Old……

Children Release the old patterns



At the end of each year, my family and I like to get together for our end of year Ritual.
It starts with writing down and celebrating all our ‘wins for 2015.’  These come in all shapes and sizes and can look something like this:
  • Achievements such as – writing a book, completing a new course, learning a new language.
  • Successes at School, Sport, Creative endeavours, Career highs, Business accomplishments..
  • Health Successes, from drinking more water, Sleeping better, to regularly moving with yoga, tai chi or a running regime.
  • Relationships- including making new friendships or even releasing old relationships that were no longer serving us.
  • Spiritual Practices – Connecting more with nature, meditating, mantras or creating a vision board!
Celebrating our ‘wins’ may also look like what seemingly were challenges for us, but with hindsight were our greatest lessons.
Lessons that helped us to see a new perspective or to release something that no longer served us.
Big or small, it is great to look back on 2015 and stop and make sure we celebrate these wins – breath it in and feel expansive!
Just slow down, and allow this energy in to every cell in your body. Activate your 5 senses – see it, feel it, smell it, touch it and taste it……..Stay in those feelings and breathe.
So, what about you?   Do you stop and celebrate your wins in the  moment? Do you encourage your children to focus on their achievements and feel those positive feelings?
One of my “wins’ for 2015 was to create my new website and everything that goes along with that including writing the copy and getting professional photos taken. (This was totally stepping out of my comfort zone but I was helped along by my fabulous photographer Karen Coulstock, thanks Karen!)
If you haven’t managed to celebrate your successes in 2015, maybe this could be a new resolution for 2016?
What we focus on expands, so focus on your achievements and watch the miracles happen.
Now, I would love to know what is one win you had in 2015? What wins did your kids have?
 Leave me a comment below