The dreaded question!!  Is Santa real??

Are you dreading this question from your child?

Is Santa real?

I know that there is, and always will be a lot of discussions on this very topic.

Everyone has their own ideas on how to approach this question with their kids, even if it is to avoid the question it at all costs!

This is how I handled this situation with my son and I hope it gives you a little bit of inspiration on how you might like to approach the inevitable topic.

I knew the question was coming!
My son was getting to the age where I knew he would start the big questions about Christmas and Santa, but I always thought I would deal with it later.

Then, some kids at school spilt the beans.

“Santa isn’t real, it’s your mum and dad!”    Okay, so what now?

I didn’t want to lie to him and I think that is why most of us try and avoid the tricky Santa question.

What do you say? Will they be angry and think you have lied all these years? How do you break it to him gently? What if they hear about it from School first?

So, I sat down with Taj, took a deep breath, asked for guidance and this is what came out.

I explained to him that everyone feels different about the idea of Christmas so I wanted to guide him to his own answers about what he thinks about Santa and Christmas. Then, I suggested I would tell him what I felt about Christmas too.

He seemed okay with that.

I love asking my kids questions as it not only helps them to get in touch with their own beliefs and thoughts on a topic but it is a wonderful way to really get to know your child and create a real connection.

This is what our conversation looked like:

What comes to your mind when you think of Santa?
Red suit, white beard, Big jolly man, sack full of presents, elves and reindeers…


What qualities does Santa have?
Kind, friendly, happy, generous, always smiling, wants to make everyone happy


Then I asked him, What does Christmas mean to you?
Family, holidays, presents, lots of yummy food, catch-up with friends, time with mum and dad, beach, swimming, surfing….


How does Christmas make you feel?
Happy, excited, relaxed, freedom, laughing,


Now, you have just told me that the qualities of Santa are giving generous loving caring honest… do you believe these are good qualities to have?


A resounding Yes!

So now what are your thoughts about Santa and Christmas?

His reply “Mum, I love Christmas and for me Santa is real in my heart.”

You will be amazed at the conversation that arises from your kids. Make sure you document it – it is priceless!

Christmas is a magical time of the year spent with your children.
It is all about

                  Pink Unicorns
                                   Sparkling magic
              Squeals of delight

And fresh flowers for me – I looove fresh flowers – the colours and fragrance are divine……hint hint kids :)

For me, Christmas is just a reminder that we can hopefully pull forth into our new year all those lovely attributes of love, fun, joy, laughter, giving and receiving and special times spent with our kids.

It is a time that makes us stop and feel the love that is all around us from our beautiful families and friendships.

Santa is in our hearts, if we allow him to be.

Santa is that awesome generous, kind, giving, non-judgemental person that we wish for our children to be like. Is there a better role model?

Christmas is an opportunity to teach your children to focus on gratitude, the gift of giving and the power of allowing all that goodness in.

It is also an opportunity for our children to teach us how to love unconditionally, live in the present moment and take that mask off and BE our true selves.

Laugh out loud, dance to Taylor Swift (oops, did I say that out loud!) Shake off (pardon the pun) all that old stuck energy and see Christmas from the eyes of a child.

Feels good hey!

Christmas is really what you make it.

Now, make it happen!

What are your thoughts about Christmas?
How do you want your children to feel about Christmas?
Are you dreading the Santa question? Or have you already had to deal with this one?

Let me know in the comments below


PS. Stay tuned for my next Blog Post where I will give you a peek into my special little Christmas Rituals that literally have my kids BURSTING with appreciation, happiness and gratitude. (Yes, it is possible!) and it will bring a tear to your eyes too.

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