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7 Secrets To Raising Happy, Confident, Self-Assured Children

It brings me great joy to work with amazing committed mother’s whose greatest wish is to give their children the support, guidance and love to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

To witness these types of transformations in families is a true gift to me.

I wish to thank you all for your kind words and well wishes.

“As soon as I met Pauline I knew I needed to work with her. She has such a special warmth about her that you know you are undoubtedly in expert and caring hands.

My challenges were mostly with my older son but my younger son has benefited too in so many ways. Last year was difficult- we had trouble with Josh at school and at home. He lacked enthusiasm for his school work and lacked respect for his brother, teacher and ourselves.

Through working with Pauline we have helped Josh to build his sense of self up again. He no longer tells us he cannot do things! He no longer tells us he is bad at sport, reading or maths! He is doing so much better at school and we are having great reports from his teacher. He would rarely give me affection before. Now he spontaneously gives me cuddles and kisses every day. He does more to help around the house and is more appreciative of things being done for him.

Throughout the sessions Pauline guided me and supported me step by step through many spiritual and practical strategies to use with my children that inspired me to approach my parenting in a very different way.

My boys and I are connected to each other now on a level that before did not exist. I feel empowered now to tackle any difficult situations that arise with a different attitude, coming from a place of love rather than frustration and anger. My children too, have learnt tools to use to help them deal with big emotions and to build their self-confidence and self-love.

I would recommend Pauline to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their family, from building stronger more loving and respectful Parent-Child relationships, to dealing with self-esteem issues or problems at school.

Pauline, thank you so much for all of your guidance, you truly are an inspiration for me and we will continue on this path to being the best family unit we can be!”

Karen Coulstock

Mother of 2 children, Sydney Australia, Karen Coulstock Photography

The Empowered Parent, Confident Child Program was amazing!

It was a perfect package where each module built on the previous with so many different tools and techniques that I was not only able to benefit from myself but introduce to my girls with great success.

I loved that Pauline’s approach was Holistic and Spiritual but was perfectly balanced with the science behind the tools with her Nursing background. It was great to learn about how different energy techniques can activate our Nervous System to calm, centre and balance us.

Before the Program, my children and I were just clashing all the time. My girls weren’t listening and  I was reacting angrily and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with the whole situation.

I am so happy to say everything has changed now. My mornings are calmer and we have boundaries and respect for each other. Our communication is great where my girls now listen to my requests and I am able to respond calmly to situations rather then the previous yelling and taking things personally.

My eldest daughter found School boring but now I have so many tools at my fingertips to empower Katy to see a new perspective and feel motivated about School. I am less reactive with Bobbie during her meltdowns which means I can step back and support her which has created a closer bond with her. My girls are benefitting by me being more present and focused when I am with them.

Pauline really empowered me to believe in myself and helped me to see and acknowledge the good I was already doing instead of focusing on what I needed to do better.. This was a priceless gift she gave me

I would definitely recommend Pauline – I am so grateful for our time together. You really empowered me to feel confident about my parenting and to know how best to support my children when they are going through challenges.

You have definitely left a positive imprint in our lives and in my heart.

Thank-you Pauline!

Vicky Drake

Mother of 2 Children, Durham United Kingdom

I have just completed the ‘Empowered Parent, Confident Child” Program and it feels great!
I am celebrating my journey and process so far – the amount of ‘Parenting Tools’ I have in my toolbox makes me feel giddy with excitement!

Before I saw Pauline I was really challenged by my daughter’s big emotions and I just wasn’t sure how to support her.

I used to feel like I needed to ‘know’ how to parent properly and make sure I gave my child what I may not have received. Truth be told – learning how to Empower your child has nothing to do with that and everything to do with Empowering me and increasing my energetic levels AND following through with consistent Rituals in a deliberate, intention focused way.

Rituals nourish us, feed us, inspire us, and my daughter thrives on them. My daughter is intuitive and loved all the energy work- she is often my teacher now!

We are a more relaxed family and my daughter is more open and expressive which has enhanced our communication together.

I loved Pauline’s approach in showing me how to assist my daughter to go within to listen to the ways her body communicates to her.

I will always cherish how Pauline came through for me when I was doubting myself. Her detailed and truthful responses were what I needed to hear. I felt understood and supported as Pauline really stepped into my world.

She knows her material so well and speaks with ease – it flows straight from her heart so you can’t help but receive the message.

I would recommend this Program to ALL parents not just those who have big issues with their child. These tools and techniques change the way we perceive the old parenting paradigm.

Thank you sincerely Pauline, it has been a wonderful journey and you have been the best mentor ever!
I truly enjoyed the time spent with you Pauline, you are a true beacon of light to all parents and I feel confident my daughter is so well-equipped to go on her own journey.

Thank you so much for having been put in my path!

Heba El-Hakim

Mother and Business Owner, Melbourne Australia, Purest Essential Oils

“Having completed the Empowered Parent, Confident Child Program there have been so many amazing changes in my life. Our family life is so much more organised with a sense of calm and harmony.

With the tools and techniques Pauline gives, I have really seen my son’s confidence grow and instead of me being the “helicopter mum” I feel more empowered to give my son more responsibilities which has enhanced his feelings of self-worth. My son is going from strength to strength, growing in confidence and is a much happier child.

Pauline introduced me to simple yet incredibly powerful tools, techniques and beautiful Rituals that allowed me to discover and learn what was going on in my son’s world and it has enabled me to see my value as a mum and brought back my confidence in my parenting abilities.

Pauline gives so much in her program and you literally have at your fingertips so many tools, techniques and rituals to choose from when challenges arise.

I would definitely recommend Pauline’s amazing course to all mums, whether you are experiencing huge challenges or just feel like you could be supporting your children more. You will come away with so much ease around your parenting abilities.”


Mother and Business Owner, Sydney Australia

“I have two boys, one with ADHD and a husband with ADHD, so my house is a little chaotic to say the least. I reached out to Pauline as I needed to bring peace to my household (and myself) and to find ways I can stay calm and manage situations with greater tranquility.

Wow – how things have changed in our home!

Pauline taught me the tools and techniques I needed to keep calm under fire, to parent in a non-reactive way and to diffuse situations before they arise.

Not only that, but she taught me ways to help my children in so many aspects of their little lives. I feel like I’ve been equipped with a whole new set of skills as a parent that I never would have imagined on my own.

Over the past few months I have watched our entire family ‘calm down’. I am so grateful to Pauline for the gift she has given me personally and the gift of a happy, peaceful family.

If you are struggling with any elements of your parenting, I highly recommend speaking to Pauline Pollard.

Pauline Allan

Mother of 2 Children , Sydney Australia

“Pauline’s Empowered Parent, Confident child Program gives you unity and growth for a supported journey as a family.

She listens and observes with an open heart and her strategies, support and guidance have helped me clear the power struggles and angry outbursts between my daughter and I.  We now have a beautiful, respectful relationship.

I am able to see situations that once triggered me from a totally new perspective.

Not only does Pauline weave her magic for others, if you spend a few hours with her family you’ll see she lives and breathes her talk.”

Teresa Brett-Murphy

Mother and Founder Zenergize, Sydney Australia

“I love Pauline’s work – it has opened me up to a completely different way of thinking about how I parent and how I am with my kids.

I feel more able to handle the curve-balls that life throws at me and at them – and to help them strongly but gently be themselves. Thank-you for your gorgeous warmth. wisdom and insight Pauline.”

Clare Foale

Mother of 3 Children, Founder of, Sydney Australia

“Pauline’s teachings have allowed me to help my children in ways I never thought possible!

I am a parent of 3 children and it’s been hard. With Pauline’s guidance and strategies, I feel so much more confident with my parenting abilities.

I have been able to form wonderful open relationships with my children where we are able to communicate together in a much healthier way rather than the previous yelling scenarios.”

Katie Watt

Mother of 3 children, Sydney Australia

“Pauline is a thought leader of our generation. She introduces to her clients an array of both modern and spiritual energy work that produces profound results.

All too often we are offered ‘band-aid’ solutions to our parenting challenges, where we may receive some results but only temporarily. Pauline dives deep with her clients and her work brings about permanent and lasting results time and time again.

I personally refer and recommend all my clients who are parents to Pauline – who want to feel empowered around the way they parent and to intuitively know how to support their children.”

Karen Humphries

Women"s Wellness Mentor,