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7 Secrets To Raising Happy, Confident, Self-Assured Children

Imagine transforming your child’s world from anxiety and overwhelm

to calm and confident.


Is This True For You?

Your Child Is…….

  • Overly emotional and most of the time can’t understand why.
  • Anxious and fearful of making mistakes because they have such high standards of themselves, which magnifies their anxiety.
  • Constantly focused on what could go wrong and worrying about future outcomes.
  • Often suffering from negative self-talk- “I’m so stupid” “I knew I couldn’t do it”, “I never get it right”…..
  • Scared of making a decision because they don’t trust themselves to get it right.
  • Constantly seeking assurance from others.
  • Comparing themselves to others and watching what others are doing and trying to measure up.
  • Always needing to know what the ‘Plan” is and needs to feel in control of the situation causing disharmony within the Family.

I totally understand it is incredibly heartbreaking to watch your child suffering from anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm and not know what to do to support them.

You want to raise your child’s self-esteem and Confidence but nothing you do seems to work.

When your child is facing these issues and is really struggling to cope, it doesn’t just affect them, it affects the whole family.

This is where I can help you and your child.

My Private Coaching Program delves into the deeper causes of why your child is suffering from the symptoms of anxiety.

I then give your child proven Tools, Techniques and strategies that provide true healing from anxiety and overwhelm rather than just coping with the symptoms. 

Your Child Will Learn:

Simple techniques that reduced anxiety and stress in their day to day life.

Techniques to assist in moments of heightened anxiety that create peace and calm within minutes.

Tools and Techniques that assisted with learning, focus and concentration in the classroom.

How to uncover and clear the limiting beliefs that are causing your child to repeat these patterns of anxiety.

How to create new and more empowering beliefs that move your child forward powerfully towards their goals and what is true for them

 Techniques that reduce built up tension in the nervous system and calm your child within seconds.

Strategies to De-Stress from overwhelm and overcome their fears.

How to access their own intuition so they make decisions that are true for them and not seek external answers or approval

Techniques that make them feel strong, motivated and happy before they even walked out the front door.

And so much more……………

I’m Pauline Pollard.

I’m a Certified Child Self-Esteem Coach

Originally trained as a Registered Nurse and Accredited Diabetes Educator, I am also a certified Child Self-Esteem Coach and have also studied Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Energy Medicine and the Chakras as well as practicing Yoga and meditation for over 20 years. I take an intuitive approach to healing.

If you are ready to move forward :

Consultations are 1:1 via Zoom (like Skype) or if you live locally we can discuss to meet at your home.

Initial 90 min Consultation Investment is $120 AUS

After this initial Consultation you can choose a package that suits you:

1 Session 60 mins per Session:   Investment $95 AUS

4 Session Package 60 mins per session:    Investment $340

8 Session Package 60 mins Per Session:   Investment $640

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Program Offerings

Empowered Parent, Confident Child Program.

Unique Deep Dive Transformational Program

This unique 3 Month Private Coaching Package Is a proven Transformational Experience for you and your family.

This Program provides you with all the tools and techniques you need for powerful transformation for any challenges
you and your child are experiencing.

This is for Parents who are ready for long lasting total transformation for the entire family.

Total Clarity Coaching Package.

Specific Issue, Specific results.

This powerful 90-minute Package is designed to bring incredible transformation to a specific challenge or issue your child is experiencing.

You will walk away with clarity, solutions and techniques to implement Immediately for instant results.