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7 Secrets To Raising Happy, Confident, Self-Assured Children

Transform yourself. Transform your child.

Are you constantly reacting to your child’s behaviour,
despite your best intentions?


Can you relate?

•You have a child who is being bullied or lacking confidence, and it’s triggering your own emotions?

•Your child seems upset, unsettled, withdrawn or even aggressive, and the whole family is negatively affected?

•You doubt yourself and feel cut off from your intuition?

•You find yourself playing out old patterns and dramas even though this isn’t helping?

•You are unsure how to best support your child when they are faced with challenges such as lack of confidence, struggling with peers, bullying, doubting their abilities, critical of themselves?

•You want to raise your child’s confidence and self-esteem, but nothing you do seems to work?

While you could wait and see if things improve, you’re not prepared to take that chance.

After all, this is your family we’re talking about. As a conscientious parent, you already know the weight of responsibility that parenting is.

How would your life be different, if:

  • You trusted your intuition and knew what your children needed – whatever they were facing?
  • You could activate your child’s self-esteem – quickly and easily – without grandiose sermons every morning?
  • Your children felt strong, motivated and happy before they even walked through the school gates?
  • You could get your children on board easily? (No more nagging, arguing or bribing.)
  • You enjoyed deep connection with your children, your partner and even yourself?
  • You completely trusted your child to make the right decisions for themselves?



Right now, you’re probably overwhelmed with worry and fear that makes this entirely realistic scenario feel far from achievable.

I once I felt like that too. But I know that when you teach your child to tap into their inner guidance system, life flows beautifully.

And perhaps that’s why everything feels so much harder than it needs to feel.

I’m Pauline Pollard.

I’m a Parenting Coach, yes, but first and foremost I’m a parent, like you.

After going through my own dark and challenging time in my life, I was hit hard by my then 7 year old son being bullied physically and psychologically tormented – motivated to heal myself and my son, I spent many years on a personal investigative journey to discover how beliefs instilled in us at a young age, hugely impact the way we parent our children.



I also understand now that the parenting process highlights where we need to look at ourselves deeply to make changes and have the ability to parent more effectively.
To Parent from a place of Love, Respect and Empathy.

What I discovered in the process of trying to heal my son’s pain (as well as my own) is this:

Whatever presents itself in your external life is a reflection of your inner state

The pain, confusion and lack of faith in myself, was mirrored back in my son’s experience of being bullied.

The idea that what your child is experiencing is always intimately related to you is a difficult truth to swallow. It’s also at the heart of my belief and philosophy, because I know that:

Our children are raising us, just as much as we are raising them.

The good news?

Through my journey I discovered the tools and techniques of energy medicine that could transform my pain and the pain of my son. These specific tools and techniques are now part of our daily rituals and routines. And now I share them with you.

When you follow the invitation to delve deeper – prompted by whatever is presenting in your child’s behaviour or experience, you will never regret it.



If you are ready to have the family life you truly desire, you have come to the perfect place.

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