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7 Secrets To Raising Happy, Confident, Self-Assured Children

HELLO: I’m Pauline Pollard.

 As a Parenting Coach I provide spiritual solutions to real-life Parenting challenges.

What I do best is shine a light on what’s possible for your family. And then I show you exactly how to get there.

Imagine having kids who are:

Responsible and self-assured
Tuned in.
Living an Authentic, aware and fulfilled life.

Imagine raising the kind of kids that are happy within – and more than capable of meeting any challenge life throws their way.

This is completely possible for you. And in the process, you’ll become the connected, tuned in, courageous, kind and empowered parent you’ve always wanted to be. (HINT: That’s how it works.)

I believe parenting is a two-way street. Our children raise us as much as we raise them.

Of course I didn’t always see parenting this way…

I will never forget how it felt to discover my son had been bullied for over six months. He was physically and emotionally tormented, and too afraid to tell us.

As I looked at my beautiful son – his bloodied lip and blue eyes enlarged by the terror of it all – I felt sick to my stomach and could feel the ground beneath me sink.

Some deep wound was triggered in me that day and while I couldn’t see it at the time, this wound opened up a far greater wisdom.

A wisdom that would transform my entire approach to parenting and help me create the family dynamics I now enjoy every day.

What I didn’t know then, but I now know to be true, is that this wisdom was far from whimsical or unreal. It’s applicable, actionable and truly works.

Instead, while sitting in the principal’s office all those years ago, I launched straight into the blame game. I blamed the school, the bullies, the parents who created these monsters, society.

But most of all I blamed myself.

Because what kind of mother could let this happen? How could I have let this happen to my baby?

I’d never felt so powerless.

Bouncing from one therapist to another, the talking and venting helped a bit, but nothing really changed.

One day a small voice inside whispered: “You cannot change it until you accept it.”

From there I knew I had to heal myself before I could help my son.
So, I set out to find answers and real solutions.
I spent many years on my personal investigative journey – studying many philosophies and theories, reading, meeting many wonderful teachers
I took a couple of tentative steps away from mainstream advice and into my own spiritual journey. But it wasn’t just a case of taking on new ideas. It was when I put theory into practice — that’s when magic truly happened.

Using tools and techniques on a daily basis I stopped fantasizing about the parent I’d like to be and became the mother my son (and the rest of the family) needed me to be.

Today, I’m confident in my parenting ability, intuitively knowing what to do and say – to help my children feel strong, confident and be the amazing beings they were sent here to be.
This didn’t happen by accident and also wasn’t as *hard* as I first feared. Once I learned and opened up to the energy techniques and tools that truly helped, all it took was daily practice.

Professionally, I’ve always been an Educator who helps Empower people to create change in their lives.

With a background in Nursing and specifically Diabetes Education, I’ve facilitated Educational groups, been a Speaker for larger audiences and offered private Consultations for children and their parents to achieve better health outcomes – and through it all, I’ve been driven to empower people to make lasting change.

As a Parenting Coach my sacred mission is to help families unhook from unhelpful habits and behaviour dynamics that don’t truly serve them. For Parents to feel confident and self-assured knowing that they have the skills and tools to deal with challenges within the family dynamic and that their new found way of parenting is actually raising happy responsible, self-assured children. These Rituals are for Mothers who feel there is something more they could be doing to support their children.

While I’m living proof that miraculous change is possible, your family does not need to be in a dark place to benefit from the tools I teach.

In fact, the sooner you start the better.

I sincerely hope you do.

Things You May Not Know About Me

  • Love time spent with my kids and husband
  • I’m a Yoga Lover – As a 3 year old I loved watching Swami perform yoga on TV. Every day. Wanting to be like Swami, but without a leotard, I’d just strip off – much to mum’s surprise as she found her naked toddler doing yoga asanas in front of the television.
  • I love cooking for my family and friends- foods with loads of flavour and will always try different cuisines. Did I tell you I love food?
  • I’ve studied Reiki, Chakras and practiced Yoga and meditation for over 17 years
  • I have been blessed to have had some incredibly amazing experiences in my life so far.
    I have travelled the world visiting 45+ countries – which has included meditating with Tibetan Monks in Buddhist Monasteries in Ladakh, praying in Mosques, extensive travel through India and spending time visiting the Taj Mahal, Kashmir and the Holy Ganges in Varanasi, had an Audience with His Holiness The Dalai Lama, spent time in the slums of Calcutta with Mother Teresa’s nuns, held the hands of dying patients,
  • Yep, I am a total seeker!!
    Trekked for several weeks in the foothills of Mount Everest in the Himalayas, come face to face with Silverback Gorillas in the jungles of Zaire Africa, white water rafting on the Zambezi River, Helicopter ride over Victoria Falls Zimbabwe……………You may have discovered, I am an adventurer at heart.
  • BUT, the most transformative experience I have had is being a Mother to my beautiful little souls. It’s a crazy adventure but the most rewarding experience that I am grateful for every minute of the day.

Professional Bio:

Pauline Pollard is a Parenting Coach on a mission to assist children to get in touch with their passions drive and purpose in life and to bring about confident self-assured Parents who can relax and enjoy an amazing relationship with their children.

Originally trained as a Registered Nurse and Accredited Diabetes Educator. Pauline is also a certified child self-esteem coach and has a studied Reiki, practiced Yoga and meditation for over 16 years and studied the Chakras. She takes an intuitive approach to healing.

After going through a very dark and challenging time in her life, she was hit hard by discovering her 7 year old son was being bullied physically and psychologically tormented – motivated to heal herself and her son she spent many years on a personal investigative journey to discover how beliefs instilled in us at a young age, hugely impact the way we parent our children.

If you want change, then go within, it’s the only way. Sometimes real-life problems need spiritual solutions and that’s especially true when dealing with parent-child relationships

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